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Singapore garage pop punk rockers KNIGHTINGALE streaming debut record

KNIGHTINGALE, a 3 piece garage rock band from Singapore, have just released their debut album “God Damn Youth”. The catchy rockish effort goes beyond the typical IDIOTEQ related moods, but it’s always nice to loosen up a bit and feel some dance grooves in the form of the band’s signature brand of rock ‘n roll and wildly vibrant pop, surf and garage guitars. Grab a bike, sunglasses and enjoy powerful rock done right.

Photo by Dan Followill.


“Knightingale’s debut album is a collection of songs inspired by everyday struggles of young individuals trying to fit into society. It also focuses on calling the youth to understand and reflect on how they can bring change to a scene, community or a collective by implementing a change within themselves

Many a times we always wonder if we ever have time to commit to our passions that society sometimes perceives it as a hobby or more adversely a “waste of time” but passion and drive for our art is what makes it all worth it. For the 3 of us at Knightingale if we followed trends and played what most people wanted to hear we would rather quit music altogether and jollywell stick to our 9 – 5 jobs.

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