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DIY! Feminist punk rockers from DREAM NAILS streaming new music!

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4 days before their free launch party for on Saturday 16 April in London, the self-proclaimed ‘feminist punk witches from hell’ are offering the full stream of the vigorous record! DREAM NAILS have only existed for a few short months, but already the band’s riotous live shows – including a sold-out performance at DIY Space for London – have earned comparisons with Riot Grrrl foremothers BIKINI KILL. The four-piece have received glowing reviews from The Girls Are, Louder than War and the Morning Star, who says seeing a DREAM NAILS show is “like witnessing history in the making”. Their debut single ‘DIY’, released on 16 April, is already causing a stir on the London live circuit, with its breakneck speed and raucous gang vocals. The ‘DIY’ EP was recorded and produced by WITCHING WAVES’ Mark Jasper (who has recorded with TRASH KIT, SLOWCOACHES, SAUNA YOUTH, DIGNAN PORCH and BIG JOANIE). Listen below to listen for yourself!

Photo by Claudia Moroni.

“DIY is about never asking permission, about being self-sufficient and about believing in yourself” explains vocalist Janey. “In a capitalist patriarchy where women are told to be dependent, DIY is about developing your own strength. Instead of waiting for someone to tell you you’re good enough, tell yourself!”

Dream Nails is a force to be reckoned with. Janey’s compelling voice alternates between fury and joy, while guitarist Anya and bassist Emmett supply Sleater-Kinney shaped swagger on top of ex-drummer Judith’s pounding drums (now beaten out ferociously by Dream Nails’ newest addition, Lucy).

Their debut four-track debut EP titled ‘DIY’ includes songs ‘DIY’, ‘Nt Abt U’ and ’Bully Girl’, as well as a painful hex for indecorous men: ‘Deep Heat’, including the lyrics “nobody cares your dick is on fire”.

In a nod to the do-it-yourself culture the band emerged from, Dream Nails are releasing their EP in the form of a cut’n’paste fanzine handmade by the band. Available online or at their shows, each ‘DIY’ pack comes with a zine and a download code for their music.

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