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SLIPKNOT drummer talks to Terrorizer about the band’s new album

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SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison recently gave U.K.’s Terrorizer an update on the band’s next album, which they reportedly intend to begin recording next year.

SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison

Jordison comments:

So far, I’ve written and recorded 40 songs. . . Everyone is writing stuff, but people want to do other projects, and so I’m writing alone until we can all come together. Then we can start playing and go from there. That’s how we wrote “Prelude”, “The Blister Exists”. It’s how we start a lot of songs.

This will be our deepest, most celebrated record. The journey is that we are trying to live our lives, just like everyone else is trying ot live theirs. We all have weird shit in our lives and a lot of our songs reflect that. On the next record, we will be exorcising, getting out a lot of the crap that I think, personally, we have held in too much, against each other.

He later added:

Both positive and negative. Jealousy? That doesn’t exist in this band. That is the worst emotion; it kills people. You know who fucking does that? It’s the press, and it just pisses us off. People keep putting words in our mouth. If they want to keep doing it, keep doing it, because it’s pissing us off right now. Everyone on the outside — journalists, business manager, accountant — this album will be the worst in terms of ‘fuck you.’ “Iowa” was kind of playful. This one, as far as emotions go, is going to connect with everyone way more than any of our others. 

Joey live:

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