VIVA BELGRADO by Rbnisonfire
VIVA BELGRADO by Rbnisonfire
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Spanish post rock infused screamo / post hardcore act VIVA BELGRADO announce new LP

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One of our absolutely favorite European post rock / screamo maestros VIVA BELGRADO are back with new LP called “Bellavista”, announces this past Friday via Facebook (see the official word below). The album will be out on April 30th and it will be co-released by Aloud Music Ltd (Barcelona) Walking is still honest Records (Berlin) and Tokyo Jupiter Records (Tokyo). We can’t wait to hear the band rejuvenated and continuing the multi-layered sound of their previous releases, including their latest full length offering Ulises, released in 2016 via the same trio of DIY labels. Stay tuned for more insights and special features on this upcoming pearl.

Bellavista is the literal translation for the architectural term Belvedere, which refers to a structure located to take advantage of a fine or scenic view. It’s also the title for our third album. We decided to use this concept as a metaphor for the situation we’ve been in with the band over the past few years. We had artificially created some kind of belvedere with a view to a utopian and unattainable future: always being on the road.

VIVA BELGRADO by Pablo Alzag
VIVA BELGRADO by Pablo Alzag

Hence the introduction of the rainbow: that extremely beautiful view on the horizon but always unattainable. Under this premise, Ruben J. Montesinos and Jaime Sebastian from designed and built a rainbow wood structure to intervene a series of natural spaces. As the main cover, an arid landscape, evidencing the artificiality of the rainbow, and creating a contrast with the leafy and overgrown garden that accompanied Ulises.

While Ulises tried to depict our own millennial post-teen epopee, Bellavista aspires to crystallize the disenchantment of the artist who realizes that the lure, Ithaca, is unattainable.


VIVA BELGRADO new album 2020

1. Una Soga
2. Bellavista
3. Cerecita Blues
4. Más Triste Que Shinji Ikari
5. Un Collar
6. Ikebukuro Sunshine
7. Vicios
8. Shibari Emocional
9. Amapolita Blues
10. Lindavista
11. ¿Qué Hay Detrás de la Ventana?

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