SPIDER CREW premieres “Give Me A Break”

Austrian heavy heardcore band SPIDER CREW (feat. members of ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS and BUST THE CHAIN) are streaming a new track from their upcoming album “Too Old To Die Young“. The band will be also releasing a new music video this Summer and a new 7” later this year.

These naughty boys have stirred some mixed feelings in their recent series of posts against Germany’s WOLFxDOWN, in which they accused the vegan straight edge band of “talking shit” about other bands and a lot more (see the details below).

They further explained:

Our explanation of the wolfxdown issue… Please take time & read it & maybe get an understanding.. Sean
Let me start off saying i never even heard of this band until a few months ago when we were supposed to play with them in myfest in berlin.. I never knew of any wxd bashing on internet or anything about them. . This is personal..
I got a message from andi core tex that there were people saying stuff about sc and me personally that we were right wing nazi racist etc.. But at the time i was in nyc at my home. . It’s bullshit especially being where in from and that we have a colombian, asian guy from south korea, bosnian guy and me am american in the band…
Noone would tell me exactly who was saying this stuff so i prepared a statement……
“spidercrew are a true international and multi-cultural band. We have members with family roots which span 4 continents & many countries in the world which include korea, columbia, u.s.a., & austria just to name a few. We never have & neverwill stand for any sort of racism or facism at our shows or in our personal lives. There have been a few people out there who have different opinions about us & i (sean) am here to clear the air. When it comes to our song blue blood warrior, i wrote that with my father & his father both in my mind. (r.i.p. dad & grandpere )
blue blood warrior is about my forefathers & the forefathers of everyone who have helped build a democracy & sweated out blood working hard every day for what we have & enjoy today, freedom & choice. Nothing more & nothing less.
The people spreading shit about us are just as bad as the people which they are against. So who wins? We are just a non-political, old school hardcore band. Anyone who thinks different is just grasping for something that just isn’t there. It also comes from people who have never stepped a centimeter in my shoes. Let them come here to the bronx, new york where i grew up & they 1-wont last & 2- will realize there is no way i can be or let anyone around me have extremist views.
Anyone out there can come see me, sean on may 1 in berlin or any other time i am around either in europe or the u.s.a.
all we want to do is be on stage & play the music which we love, vienna style spidercrew old school hardcore!!
Still crazy but not insane & too old to die young!!”
now when i arrived in vienna, i find out it was wxd who started this shit and had a huge discussion bashing us on their facebook & talking shit to t hg e coretex guys getting us taken off the show and even some bands we’re friends with are getting taken off gigs cuz of being friends with us.
Those punks in wxd. Shouldn’t speak of which they do not know.. They’re just as bad as the “nazis, fascists” they are against!! But it’s reverse style.. I am not one for internet beef, i solve shit in person.. But this time i had no choice as i couldn’t get ahold of any of them…
If i hear something about someone or a band, i just don’t go speak on it until it is proven to be true or false to me personally… It’s ignorant to speak on rumors or to make up your own rumors or opinions… Hardcore is going to shit in this way…
Sean spidercrew

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