DULL by Joakim Eklöf
DULL by Joakim Eklöf
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Stockholm based rock unit DULL returns with their brand new single ”Bad”

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Stockholm based unit DULL returns with their brand new single ”Bad” – out today via Startracks label. It’s the fourth single taken from their forthcoming debut album ”Dive Deep Down” which is set for release on the 17th of February next year.

Their previous releases have in the past six months been highlighted in several meaningful media outlets in both Sweden as well as abroad. Earlier this fall, one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Aftonbladet, celebrated their song ”You’re Lame!” calling it ”indie punk rock that’s everything but dull, despite what the band name implies” and that ”in only two minutes the band leaves a lasting impression”.

”Bad” is no exception to the the intensity DULL by this point is characterized by. A convincing and complete discharge within its two minute runtime where the high tempo, aggressive guitar rhythms and sing-a-long chorus culminates into a song as if made in the peak of the ’00-s alternative indie rock scene.

Canan Rosén, guitar and vocals, on their new single: ”From the beginning I think we wanted it to sound something like American artist Bully. That’s not quite how it turned out. At least the song has a skew chord progression and a catchy outro melody which some people have claimed is ”to die for”. Also, the detail-oriented person might notice we only play downstrokes throughout the whole song. An accomplishment in and of itself considering the tempo!”

Consisting of members from a range of other well-known bands in the Stockholm area – Dead Vibrations, Twin Pigs, Tiger Bell, Mary’s Kids and Boris and The Jeltsins – these individuals are no strangers to the Swedish underground music scene. ’Bad’ is out December 8th via label Startracks.

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