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STRAWBERRY REPRODUCTION explore twisted dynamics of post DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN era on their new wicked single “Alto Mud Creek Road”

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Testing the definition of progressive extreme, the newest offering from experimental hardcore / mathcore band STRAWBERRY REPRODUCTION is a fine example of experimentation gone right. The band’s new track “Alto Mud Creek Road” serves as the Atlanta-based two piece’s introduction to the project as a whole. The full-sounding production and tongue-in-cheek lyrics are just a small fraction of what the band has to offer, as their odd time signatures and explosive guitar-word mesh to create a fresh sound that tips its hat to the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die.

Today we’re giving it a special nod with the new track premiere and the band’s top inspirations and best artists from their local scene in Atlanta below! 

The eclectic influences and best Atlanta bands, as seen by STRAWBERRY REPRODUCTION:

The Chariot – probably the biggest inspiration for us. This was the band that brought us into the scene.

Apostle – an amazing, fast as hell, blackened grind core band that we’ve played so many shows with.

Lunar Vacation–  One of the first bands that I (Sam) discovered from Atlanta and what’s the reason I started to discover so many Atlanta Based bands.

Norma Jean – after our deep dive into the chariot, we discovered Norma Jean and from that point on until our rebranding we were pretty much a Norma Jean worship band.

The Callous Daoboys – my time in this band really helped me (Sam) figure out what taking music serious looked like what I could do with my personal projects, not to mention become a much better drummer.

Manchester Orchestra – this was one of our all-time favorite high school bands. We still love them, and to this day we tend to think of them when we’re writing music, whether it be with strawberry reproduction or our personal stuff.

Deerhunter – a surprising inspiration to us. One of our favorite Atlanta bands.

Laser/wulf – I (Sam) saw them on a whim in Athens a few years ago and it changed my life. Funny enough, I think it actually may have been my first metal show.

Michael Cera Palin – This is a very special emo band. There are one of the few that do it for me and their “I don’t know how to explain it” release show was the first diy show in Atlanta I ever went to and was a great introduction to what the scene was like.

Abandcalledlove – are all time favorite Atlanta pop band. The core of their band is also a duo, and see how they choose to navigate it is very inspiring for us.

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