STREET DOGS go on hiatus!

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STREET DOGS‘s Mike McColgan has revealed that following the band’s upcoming European tour and annual Wreck the Halls celebration (details below), the band will be going on a hiatus. Furthermore, their guitarist Tobe Bean is parting ways with the group! The second message below comes from his mouth.

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Starting January 1 Street Dogs will be taking a break from recording and touring. We have spent the last ten years touring relentlessly and recording 5 albums. It has been amazing, rewarding and a joy but at the same time we have been away from our children, family and homes too much. We need to reconnect with our families and take care of ourselves better as well.
Let me stress that this is not the end but a break. I think we deserve one at this point and are eternally grateful to our family, friends and family for continuously supporting us. WE WILL BE BACK.

Where to even begin?! I usually find myself reading statements from guys quitting bands and get ill because of how sappy they are. I also find it entertaining when those same guys release another statement days or weeks later talking shit on those same guys he was just wishing well too. I promise this won’t be the case here. I will try to do this in my style… laced with profanity and horrific grammar. Since 2004 I have been a proud member of Street Dogs and I’ve never regretted one fucking second of it. I’ve traveled to the corners of the globe and played in front of the best fans any band could ever hope for. I think there always comes a time in most of our lives when you have to get off a familiar path and journey down another to see what may be waiting for you. I love these guys and this band so much that it hurts but I have this undeniable urge to try something different. I have a lot of projects that I’ve been excited about like getting more involved with Dixie Denim Co. as well as some other music I’ve been working on but I’ve always had to shelf due to the constant commitments of Street Dogs. I’m definitely not quitting music and traveling as that is all I’ve known for most of my life. This European tour and the following “Wreck The Halls” will be my last go round as a touring member of this band. I’ll always be a Street Dog and will always be a fan! So all you guys reading this make sure you come out to these upcoming shows and have a farewell drink with me!!! Thanks so much for all the memories Mike McColgan Johnny Rioux Marcus Hollar Pete Sosa Paul Rucker Joe Sirois and every single one of you who have supported this band along the way!!

Tobe xoxoxo

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