STREET DOGS to release a series of new 7-inches and plan a new album

After spending three months on hiatus, STREET DOGS have announced that they are going to release a series of 7-inches this year and a new full-length record, which will be their first since the 2010 self-titled album.

Frontman Mike McColgan writes:

Myself, Johnny and Rick Barton are working on songs for a side project and we are very excited about what we have come up with so far. The songs should see the light of day this year and we may just drop a sample here and there along the way to the formal release of an album. Stay tuned for details.
As for Street Dogs we have a set of new 7 inch singles that we will release periodically throughout the year. Each 7 will contain 3 or 4 songs. They will be released via Pirates Press records and be available on vinyl and mp3 on iTunes, Google Play etc

Work on a new Street Dogs album will probably commence this summer and should be ready for release in late October. Also it may be a good idea to have your spiked egg nog, scally cap,pit skills and singing voices ready for November and December.Just a little heads up.

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