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SUIS LA LUNE to release new EP via Topshelf Records!

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SUIS LA LUNE‘s new record called “Distance / Closure” will feature all original members and will be out on July 31st via Topshelf Records.

The label commented:

Last fall Swedish screamo four-piece Suis La Lune went back into the studio to begin recording new material. The resulting recordings make up the band’s forthcoming four-song EP entitled Distance / Closure and today we’re happy to announce the details for it! The band headed into Guitarist and vocalist Henning Runolf’s basement studio to record the new material. The new EP is set for release on July 31, 2015.

Suis La Lune recorded the material themselves, drummer Karl Sladö says, “The recording clocks in at around 25 minutes. The songs are a tad more technical and a bit longer, there’s a lot of stuff going on for sure.”

In the past Suis La Lune have been heralded for their own flavor of classic late-90s style screamo by combining post-rock-esque instrumentation and tender melodies with passionately frantic vocals and lyrics. Sladö goes on to say the new material has “a darker, harder sound”, however, “Suis La Lune still sounds like Suis La Lune”.

The band released their latest album “Riala” in 2012. Stream it below.

Distance and Closure

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