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THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN readying ‘weirder’ new album; new song streaming now

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN have unveiled a new track called “Limerent Death”, to be released on 7” on September 9th via Party Smasher Inc. and Cooking Vinyl label and the band’s highly anticipated new album “Dissociation” on October 14th. Listen below and check out some insider information from the band’s very own Ben Weinman, who discussed the new record in his recent interview with Metro magazine.

What can you tell us about the upcoming album?

We’re finished. We handed in the final master. I did all the artwork for the album, and our drummer took a few photos. It’s totally f—king DIY, every aspect of it. I’m in the office now dealing with production and marketing and going to Spotify to try to make them believe in it. I was up today booking our flights. Our hands are on every aspect of the product.

What about from a sound perspective? Musically where does it lie?

Ultimately, we think it’s weirder and harder and more difficult than the last. It’s hard to be objective during the process, but it does remind me of the time of our first album, “Calculating Infinity.” It sounds different, not necessarily because of the songwriting; I can’t be objective about that, but in the sound of the record. The tones and frequencies don’t sound like any other record I’ve heard production-wise. It’s a standout in our catalog in terms of sound.

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