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THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM talk about not censoring their music

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM‘s lead singer Brian Fallon recently spoke to Absolute Punk about the band’s anticipated new album “Handwritten” and why he refuses to censor their music.

He explains:

Well, lyrically, this one was no holds barred. Whatever I’m thinking right now, whatever I’m feeling, I’m putting on that page. And, I wasn’t going to “edit” it … I mean, I edited it like crazy; hmmm, I wasn’t going to censor it. I wasn’t going to pull the, “would so and so do this” or “would this band say this” or “is this cool?” — cause you always think about your peers, and you don’t want to say something that leads to everyone going “why did you say that, man?” – and then you’ve got to live with that forever. But with this one it was a little bit more … well, it was less thinking about that kind of thing. It was “well, you know, if I’m not cool then I’m not cool.” I just gotta write what I’m feeling. Cause what if this record blows up? And I had written a bunch of songs that I didn’t really mean, but I thought sounded cool, and then I’m stuck singing them for rest of my life? And I definitely don’t want to do that. And if I’m lucky enough that this blows up, I want it to be because I did something that was me, and I didn’t want to sell anybody anything that I wasn’t going to like.

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