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THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM talk about their new album “Handwritten” and working with producer Brendan O’Brien

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM recently talked to SPIN Magazine about their anticipated new album “Handwritten”, which is supposed to be released in June, and working with producer Branden O’Brien.

In regards to the band’s decision to work with O’Brien, who has produced many hit albums by mutli-platinum artists such as BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, PEARL JAMTHE OFFSPRING, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and AC/DC, frontman and and guitarist Brian Fallon states:

Nothing got by him and that’s the way we wanted it to be. We wanted someone who didn’t know us and could give us an open opinion and push us.

He would just straight up tell us that something wasn’t good, or just say that’s not a good song. Fortunately that didn’t happen too often.

You can read what else the band has to say about their new record here.


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