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Damien Done by Nathaniel Shannon
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“Young Drugs” – DAMIEN DONE steps into a dark dance of addiction and obsession with final single from new album

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With “Young Drugs,” the latest track from Damien Done’s highly anticipated album, Total Power, listeners are invited to step into a captivating dance of addiction and obsession, showcasing the album’s bold and powerful essence. We’re pleased to give you an early listen of the new single below!

Diverging from the massive, live sound of 2020’s To Night EP, Total Power presents a blend of dark, goth-tinged rockers and minimal, electronic tracks, featuring richly-layered synths and a return to brooding new wave. The result is a sophisticated and dynamic expression of Damien Done’s artistic vision.

As we delve into the series of EPs and singles that preceded Total Power, it becomes apparent that they served as a dark prelude to the intense final performance.

The album explores themes of self-abuse, murder, addiction, and unrequited love, often from the perspective of the antagonist, giving the most upbeat songs a chilling undertone.

“Here, the song is sung from the perspective of the drugs themselves, gloating about the user’s inability to prioritize anything or anyone else above her dependence.”  -comments Damien. “It’s written in a way that implies a near-romantic, mutual obsession where the addict has complete reverence for the substances, which in turn are fueled by the need to be needed.”

Damien Done by Nathaniel Shannon
Damien Done by Nathaniel Shannon

“This is also the second of two songs where the music was written by our other guitarist Tyler — something I’d never done before with this project. I absolutely love the energy and swagger of the song, and the Thin Lizzy-esque guitar lead in the bridge. It’s uncharacteristically aggressive for a Damien Done song, which is fitting for the theme.”

Pre-orders for vinyl version are up now at Mind Over Matter Records. Cassette tapes are available via Protagonist Music. The album release date is May 19th, distributed in both US and Europe by Deathwish.

Watch music videos for previous singles from “Total Power” below:

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