The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir, Dying Whale, Dreamwell, and GIlt discuss upcoming tour dates, share updates

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Strongly influenced by post-hardcore, mathcore, and 90s screamo, The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir sought to explore beyond these genres, incorporating elements of spidery noise rock reminiscent of acts like Slint, Sprain, and The Jesus Lizard, as well as angular metal reminiscent of Yautja, the Melvins, and Full Of Hell. The result, a more refined and mature sound that still retains the chaotic energy that is characteristic of their music, will now be taken live on stage on a three week tour for April of 2023.

They will be bringing their chaotic blend of mathcore, spoken word, and black metal to new places along the American East Coast, as joining them for legs of the tour are fellow Georgia mathcore heavyweights Dying Whale, Rhode Island post-screamo band Dreamwell, and Florida post-hardcore band GILT.

“Touring for us is a new thing, this is our first time venturing out of the Southeast.” – comments THGTC.

“The responses we’ve gotten to our music have been much more than we’d ever imagined and getting to finally share songs we’ve made with people in a live setting who have never met us before but connect with us is really special for us. On top of that, getting to share the stage with people who inspire us and we are lucky enough to call friends is something truly amazing. It’s a privilege we don’t take for granted“

The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir by Wolfe Eliot
The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir by Wolfe Eliot

THGTC recently released a single titled “Thinking About The Immortality of the Crab” in celebration of the New Year. They have also finished recording songs for a split with some of their friends. Last year, the band released their first album, Slow Murder, and are eager to perform its tracks in new locations. They are presently making arrangements for tours this year, and assure fans who may feel disappointed about their absence in certain areas that they are still in the early stages of planning and hope to expand their tour destinations.

““We have played a majority of these places before, but hitting them with such a powerhouse of a band accompanying us will be something special.” – adds Dying Whale. “Not to mention we will be playing a bunch of never before heard material. These new songs are more mature and developed so we are thrilled to see the crowd reaction to them.”

DYING WHALE are currently in the final phase of mixing a new EP. Despite the year being in its early stages with few announcements made, the band has plans to focus on the east coast for upcoming shows. They express their eagerness to share their music with fans in that region.

Dreamwell by Jules Nguyen
Dreamwell by Jules Nguyen

DREAMWELL has recently completed work on their upcoming album and is currently awaiting the mastering process. They express enthusiasm about the quality of the album and eagerly anticipate its release this year. Additionally, the band has released a new song titled “I Heard My Mother Begging” as part of a split album with My Fictions for Tor Johnson Records.

DREAMWELL are doing even a bigger run than THGTC are which includes some other support, this is what they said about their whole run: “”This will be Dreamwell’s longest tour ever and our first time playing in the South and on the West coast. In addition to being absolutely stoked to meet our friends in THGTC, we’re still pinching ourselves about getting to support TWIABP, a band we’ve listened to since we first got started with this almost 10 years ago. Also excited to make Ryan and Justin do double duty with Amitie on our last leg, which includes ZBR Fest (Chicago) and This is Emoviolence (Providence).”

“We were a hard touring band from the start, but for 5 years we were almost always going solo.” – adds GILT. “We knew the members of The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir before they even met one another and the opportunity to share these intimate personal experiences with them for a week is very special to us, like the best family vacation. Nat’s guest spot on “Trophy Hunter” makes the song, and the chance to hear it as it was intended every night is a treat for us as much as the audience.”

GILT by Christian Denmark
GILT by Christian Denmark

GILT’s entire release tour was cancelled last year due to contracting COVID-19. As a result, they are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences, particularly since the vinyl version of their album was well-received. They are also excited to experiment with new material that they have been working on. The band acknowledges that their music has evolved over the years, and they are curious to see how their new ideas will be received by a live audience.

The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir tour

“I, Nat, did the art myself and it’s actually from a photo I took on a drive between Athens, GA and Savannah, GA of an angel statue someone built on the side of the road. It felt fitting for our band name and the theme of going on the road. I love biblical and holy imagery for stuff that is absolutely not related. I think it has an incredibly interesting visual aspect and modifying it to serve a secular purpose feels very gratifying for me as someone who feels incredibly disconnected from that part of my upbringing.”

“On top of that, I always want to make all our flyers as readable and accessible as possible, so I try to use clean fonts and solid image separation for it.” – adds Nat.

Friday, 4/7 – Augusta, GA @ Grantski Records ^
Saturday, 4/8 – Raleigh, NC @ Schoolkids Records ^
Sunday, 4/9 – Philadelphia, PA @ Cousin Danny’s ^
Monday, 4/10 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto ^
Tuesday, 4/11 – Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place ^
Wednesday, 4/12 – Syracuse, NY @ The Jugg ^
Thursday, 4/13 – Providence, RI @ Alchemy (Matinee Show) ^
Friday, 4/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds +
Saturday, 4/15 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery +
Sunday, 4/16 – Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone Club +
Monday, 4/17 – Bluefield, WV @ The Clover Club
Tuesday, 4/18 – Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light +
Wednesday, 4/19 – Nashville, TN @ DRKMTTR +
Thursday, 4/20 – Little Rock, AR @ Vino’s +
Friday, 4/21 – Oklahoma City, OK @ The Sanctuary
Saturday, 4/22 – Dallas, TX @ tbd *
Sunday, 4/23 – Lafayette, LA @ The Loose Caboose *
Monday, 4/24 – New Orleans, LA @ Mudlark *
Tuesday, 4/25 – Hattiesburg, MS @ Rick’s Speedway *
Wednesday, 4/26 – Birmingham, AL @ Firehouse *
Thursday, 4/27 – Atlanta, GA @ 529 *
Friday, 4/28- Sunday, 4/30 – St. Petersburg, FL – Lost In St. Pete Fest *

^ = Dying Whale
+ = Dreamwell
* = GILT

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