THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE interviewed by Hevy Petal

Hevy Petal recently conducted an interview with THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE. The band talked about reissuing their debut EP for Record Store Day.

How did you initially get involved in Record Store Day?

As a fan, from the first year that RSD was around I was there, I went and got a Death Cab for Cutie and Built to Spill 7”, and watched Mates of State do an instore performance it was great. I have gone every year since. And this year will be the first year we actually will be taking part as a band by having a record available for it as well as playing a show in one of the participating stores.

We understand you are to re-release of your first EP that has been unavailable for 10 years as a special one time pressing only for Record Store Day. Whose idea was this, how many copies will there be and can you tell us anything about the expanded artwork?

The idea was ours, we kind of wanted to do something special for our 10 year anniversary and also remind people who may just be getting into us know that we have been around for awhile, and we thought it would be great to also show direct support to record stores at the same time by getting get people out to the shops. And Topshelf who is releasing the 7” for us, was very supportive of the idea so it was a win win.

In terms of details for the record, there will be 400 for RSD on opaque blue vinyl, the expanded art work, is just that, it has all of the original art/inserts, but has been expanded to include some old photos etc., as well as some new writings as well.

Read the full interview here.

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