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THE SMASHROOMS – “Wildfire” (2013)

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THE SMASHROOMS – “Wildfire” (2013)

‘Wildfire’ is the fifth release by this Italian hardcore trio. The album is out on Epidemic Records a hardcore label based in Brescia (Italy) that believes in the DIY ethic and that want to help bands who have something to say: “Through hardcore, bands have always brought ideas, reflections, messages and critical thinking about the world we live in. This is what we like in hardcore: it’s not just music. It’s something more.”

Its always nice to hear punk rock bands that have something to say and aren’t afraid to sing about social and political issues and give their reflection on things. ‘The Smashrooms’ is such a band, their furious melodic hardcore is charged with a political message. Although they aren’t the best in the business (the songs and also the vocals have their limitations at times) their music is still worth to check out if you’re a fan of socially engaged punk rock.” / Out Of Step zine

The Smashrooms are back with a new, incredible, LP! The band express its new sound in this album. More technical, more melodic yet aggressive and furious, with better songwriting and better vocals. Lyrics charged with a political message, far from easy slogans.First listeners compared this new album from the italian hardcore trio as a blend of Propagandhi, early Ignite and something like Trial. We don’t know if these references are correct, so let the songs speak for themselves / Epidemic Records

Read my interview with Gab De La Vega of THE SMASHROOMS at this location.


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