Texas hardcore band STARVE premiere their debut EP!

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OnTheAttack Records and IDIOTEQ are pleased to announce the release of the “Desperate Measures,” the debut EP from Abilene, Texas based hardcore band STARVE! The six song debut demonstrates the band’s motto:  Wild, Fast, and Loud. Lyrically, the EP deals with life’s gritty realities, and how cold pain and raw anger from worldly wickedness can lead to desperation and despair. This powerful offering is worthy, punchy ending to your busy week and is something you don’t want to miss at all! Stream it and grab the full record through the DOWNLOAD link below to see for yourself!

The band features Dylan Hayward (vocals), John Hutton (guitar), Cansas Estep (bass), and Tanner Coker (drums).


The band commented on the release:

With our first EP, “Desperate Measures,” (OnTheAttack Records) we really just wanted to get some fresh music out. The hardcore/punk/metal scene, especially in Texas, is saturated with so many amazing bands, and the music-landscape is always changing, so just to be heard is an accomplishment. That being said, we’re proud of the tunes that we have put together, and we can’t wait to share them with anyone who is willing to listen. We love music that is heavy and aggressive, so we focused on delivering powerful, metallic, hard-hitting tracks. As far as the song concepts go, our vocalist, Dylan, spent a considerable amount of time writing about real-world issues. The lyrics focus on some of the dark, gritty realities of life, from drug abuse, to modern-day slavery, to sleep paranoia, and child molestation. However, throughout the EP, there is an undertone of hope and redemption. And that’s the message we wanted to communicate with “Desperate Measures,” that even though the world can be dark, the light is greater. As a band, we love playing live, and we plan to take this message with us on the road. We are also in the process of writing new music, and we are looking forward to evolving as musicians. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Starve.

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Justice Reigns?

Eyes of a snake, I should have known you were the devil
Crooked spine, crooked lies
It’s taken me years to finally get to this level in my life
Crooked spine, crooked lies
No more injustice
Take me away from this place

Back at it again with nothing to prove
Not a victim of your hatred, not afraid of your noose
In this relationship, and where its gotta be,
Why’s it so bad if brings me to my knees?

We were made the same, but still you choose to hate me for it
We were made the same, but still you choose to hate
I can’t deny all that you did
Nothing to show, nothing to give

Justice reigns no more

Loose Screws

Low life, I thought I’d never try
Put an end to this wicked life
Examples must be set for the weak of mind

Kid, if you’re looking for trouble
It’s not about moving up or making stacks on the double
Because the risk, if you’re willing to pay
and the decision you have to live with everyday
Justice will be quickly served to you
Hopeless, you’ll leave your family to grow up in this world all alone
Grow up, in a world so cold

I took the bait, I wanted all control
You knew how to play so I would fold
Pushing heat just wasn’t for me

I lied and I paid the price, I took the days away
Can’t ease the pain, I sould have known I’m busted

Screws loose in my head
I should have known
I’m busted

Buzz Kill

Buzz! Kill!
You’re nothing but a buzz kill

Wearing down the little patience I have left
Moving forward
The little things in life
have proved to be the test

You drained me
And I hate to say it, but I believe it

Buzz! Kill!
You’re nothing but a buzz kill

I try so hard to be a friend
Still never works, just another-
Waiting for life, it never comes.
You have to try, just another-

You drained me
And I hate to say it
But I believe it

Looking for excuses
You are the worst
Just another body
Cursed from birth

4. 23

Dark room, laying in my bed
Restless thoughts running through my head
I can feel a force pressing on my chest
As every demon manifests

Never been one to follow a crowd
Never been one to feel left out
But it’s nights like these that I feel lost
And paranoia is the cost

(demonic, nightmarish screams)

It’s so infectious- this disease
It’s either live to death or die in my dreams
Awake or lose, it’s time to choose
This is where I fall
A leap to end it all

Desperate Measures

Dreaming of a world, where slaves walk free
And the strong protect the weak
Where love’s not a tease
Where my mind is at ease
But it’s just a fantasy

Don’t wanna sit in my room
Just let these days go by
‘Cause it’s a war outside
Only the strong survive

You say it’s the land of the lost
But we speak of real movements
It’s the way to the cross

I won’t be a part of your revolution
All you preach is hate
All you are is destruction

Iron Hotel

20 years down the drain

Fight the urge to retaliate
It takes every ounce of me to not hate you
Every single day is a constant war
The easy way out is to leave through the door

I won’t live in fear anymore

Life behind the bars, never to return
Desperate for second chances that you don’t deserve
Punk, got plenty time to think
As reality sets, while you rot in the clink

Enjoy your stay at the Iron Hotel
Enjoy your stay in your iron hell

Tell it to the Judge
‘Cause I’m not good at listening much

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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