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THE SWELLERS interviewed by Punk In Vegas

Punk In Vegas conducted an interview with THE SWELLERS.

I saw you guys play here with Polar Bear Club a while back. It was that weird situation where Crime in Stereo was on the tour, but it was really unclear if they were playing the Vegas date. They played, but it turned out they weren’t getting paid for the show.

Nick: I remember that. That tour was one of the weirdest tours we’ve ever done. It was stacked. It was Polar Bear Club, Crime in Stereo, Broadway Calls and us. And people talk about that tour now. They’re like “Did you really do a tour with all those bands? That must have been crazy!” But like 4 people showed up to every show. Nobody cared. Nobody knew about it.

Jonathan: At the New Orleans show, we had 6 people. The Swellers played for 2.

Nick: I think Vegas was probably the best show on that tour.

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