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THE TIDAL SLEEP stream their new EP

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THE TIDAL SLEEP  are streaming their new “Four Song” EP in full. The band is currently on their European tour with XERXES. Head over here to see the dates. Don’t miss them if you’re around!

The band issued the official word about the outing:

We recorded the record with lewis johns at gottesweg studio in cologne.
he’s a good friend and an amazing engineer. we caused him more than one sleepless night, and we are forever grateful
for his enthusiasm and his work ethic. tony james has been a huge help during those three days. thanks so much!
nicolas recently moved to berlin, and christoph from kadaver recorded vocals in their rehearsal room/ studio. it turned out real cool.
benny druckwelle, the designer that did most of our artworks, stunned us with an amazing and beautiful concept. again. benny, you can always design and sell our merch. you can always chrash our houses. you have a special place in our hearts.
chris at thischarmingmanrecords is an amazing label boss. he loves what he’s doing, he loves the bands he releases.
once again he gave us pretty much everything we asked for, and dealt with our lack of professionalism in the coolest way possible. we love you, homie.
dan coutand again did a great job mastering the album at sunroom mastering. this guy just knows what he’s doing.
much love and respect.
thanks to nanouk at avocado booking who made it possible for us to play amazing shows. we had a fantastic summer!
once again, from the bottom of our hearts: it’s wonderful to have supportive and loving friends. we’re not going to drop names here. you know who you are!
xoxo – armin, nicolas, oliver, thomas – the tidal sleep


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