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THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES reissue ‘Tail Swallower & Dove’ LP

Fresh on the heels of announcing their career spanning rarities double album Duct Tape & Shivering Crows, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES are back with a limited edition vinyl reissue of their third album Tail Swallower & Dove!

Seattle’s art-core outfit These Arms Are Snakes never really fit in anywhere. Over the course of their 2003 debut EP they vacillated between epileptic fits of ‘90s DIY post-hardcore, woozy narcotic jam-outs, fortified classic rock riffage, and slow-churning cataclysmic dirges. The band continued on a path made even more confusing but undeniably invigorating by the jarring synth hooks and four-on-the-floor pulse of their first album Oxeneers and the prog-rock forays of their sophomore full-length Easter.

When it came time to record their final album Tail Swallower & Dove, the band was less interested in charting out new territories and more focused on turning their myriad of approaches into one cohesive sound. From the chugging thrust and Heldon-esque breakdown of dueling synth and guitars on “Woolen Heirs,” to the jagged noise rock of “Red Line Season,” to the 8-bit sludge of “Lucifer,” to the climactic twang-and-crunch of side closers “Ethric Double” and “Briggs,” These Arms Are Snakes managed to retain their broad palette of sound while reigning it all in to a cohesive style that continues to defy categorization. Suicide Squeeze is proud to offer a limited vinyl reissue of Tail Swallower & Dove limited to 1000 (500 Emerald Pus, 500 Orange Pedialyte) copies worldwide with expanded gatefold artwork and a download card.


These Arms Are Snakes – “Red Line Season”
“Some bands clobber with complicated riffs, others with brute force and speed, but Seattle’s These Arms Are Snakes lay waste with a wily combination of volatile rhythms and clever arrangements.” – REVOLVER MAGAZINE

“Tail Swallower & Dove is a torrent of math-eco intricacies, but the tiny droplets of soul never become diluted.” – ALTERNATIVE PRESS

“They spend gigs throwing coffees tables and playing on crates – this, their third LP is just as spectacular.” – NME

“Post-hardcore insanity merges with strong songwriting on this Seattle band’s third full album. Direct and uncompromising, TS&D blasts through challenging math rock progressions, battering ram rhythms and bizarre grooves that’ll remind you equally of Fugazi and Blood Brothers.” – HEADBANGERS BLOG

THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES reissue ‘Tail Swallower & Dove’ LP
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