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THINGS WE LOST taking over Europe

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THINGS WE LOST, a passionate modern melodic hardcore band from Turin, Italy, are readying their debut EP and album this year. But don’t be misled, these guys ain’t rookies and they know where they’re heading. Below you can read my recent chat with the band, which is a nice introduction for THINGS WE LOST.

Find out why they prefer British to Torino’s music scene and what they are up to this year.

things we lost

Hey!  What’s up guys! Please shoot us a little introduction about the band. Who are you and how what is the history behind the band?

Cheers bud,

Well, originally known as NO HALF MEASURES, THINGS WE LOST came out on May 2011 after changing name due to some trademark infringements.

Based in Turin, north Italy, after massive lineup changes we finally got the right direction in September 2011, after touring UK for the very first time.

The meaning under the name is pretty easy. Before changing name we had to cope with several troubles, such as too many lineup changes, no consideration from anyone and some personal injuries as well. Since May 2011 we decided to leave all this things behind us and start trying our best in everything and we finally got some good results, such as new shows and collaborations, so basically from getting no consideration in our nation we were asked to tour UK. That was an awesome step for us.

After this amazing experience we took time to write our new songs. The first single called “Brothers” came out just a couple of days ago. We have good plans for the 2013! Hopefully it’s going great for us!

When did that first UK tour take place?

The tour took place last summer, basically we spent the first half of August on the road crossing and loving UK, we played amazing gigs, from the North to the South, from the East to the West. It was the best experience ever made as musicians!

What cool bands have you met during that trip?

On the road we met many awesome bands, I wanna remember some of them that now we’re still in contact with: bands such as NAPOLEON, best buds ever! We met them in Leicester and spent a cool night together! In Salisbury we shared the stage with MISOTHEIST and in Southampton with SEASONS IN WRECKAGE. I think these bands have the best people we met while we were on the road! We’re still in contact with them and we’re planning more shows very soon, probably during Easter break!

What does the UK scene have that your local one doesn’t?

I would say that what UK people attending shows most impressed us was their “presence”, I mean when we used to play a show, we really felt in a perfect harmony with them, like the audience and us were just a thing. That was so amazing, something never felt in our town, where people are apparently very cold and little share.

UK people were very friendly with us, and we really appreciated, so we can’t wait to play shows again there!

So what are your touring plans this year?

2013 will be a very interesting year for lots of bands, for us as well we’ve got lots of plans starting from Easter to late summer!

On Easter time we will be in UK again for 7/8 shows to present our latest EP that will be released very soon!

Also next August we’re planning with a great band from UK a Mainland Europe tour! This is gonna be huge and we cannot wait to be again on the road!

And no local shows? [smiles] You’re not the biggest fans of Torino’s scene, right? [laughs]. Tell us more about it. What are your biggest pals from the area? Do you know LORA? I’ve just published an interview with those guys.

Unfortunately very few shows here. Ye we’re not the biggest fans of Torino’s scene: we could say that Torino’s scene is divided in two main currents.

The first one is the “trying to survive” one, where people try their best to book shows and promote the events very much. There’s help among the bands and everyone support each other very much. Shows go not that good, very few audience… and this might work once, twice but at the third time promoters won’t book that show…and there you go!

The other part is the gossip part, in which bands hate each others and make a lot of competition you know… there’s no real support. And people just go in front of the venue and talk and put shit on people/band in order to spend a night doing nothing. It’s pretty weird here.

I know LORA, they’re from Turin, aren’t they? They have just released a brand new video! Pretty sick ay, awesome band!

Yup. Has it been always like that? I guess the first part can be easily transformed into an active community of people supporting good music, don’t you think?

I’m not sure about it. We’re so young as persons and as band as well. I can only suppose, and i say that time ago things were different. I know some bands that gave birth the scene, and then for a reason or another stopped playing and stopped the band…

I completely agree with you with the active community! i just it won’t be easy, because this people are really stupid [laughs].

things we lost band 2

Ok, Alex. So what are the band’s recording plans for the coming months?

We will be touring UK right after Easter! This time will travel with an awesome band called SEASONS IN WRECKAGE. After the tour we plan to release our debut EP.

We’re working really hard for that, we’re thinking to every single detail to make it the better we can! For the future we hope to tour with NAPOLEON or WHILE SHE SLEEPS.

Let’s see what we can do.

Yeah, why not, mate.

What’s the general idea for the EP?

For this upcoming EP we want to focus to every single detail, must be perfect and we’re trying our best to make it happen.

We suppose to release 5/6 tracks in it. All brand new tracks except for Brothers and For Tomorrow, that we’re making a new version, a bit updated!

The concept for this EP will be really really simple and not that original i guess, but it is truly important for all of us: Hope. We will use a hawk for the artwork, and this is linked to all the concept behind the lyrics, but this is a surprise [smiles].   

Unveil something for us then [smiles]. What’s the message behind it?

As HUNDREDTH band says in Carry On:  “If you’ve fallen to your knees, don’t give up just yet”. I would say that this happened too much to us as band, we’ve fallen too many time, but for a reason or another we moved forward and now we can start seeing the first results, and this is pretty amazing!

That’s basically it!

What fall do you have in mind?

I used the word “fall” for underline all of the troubles we had to cope with in the last months. Troubles like too many line up changes in the worst situations, such as before the tour, or a very important show. Personal reasons as well, as many of us couldn’t effort the expense of a tour, or a simple studio recording. However no consideration as band by anyone here in our town, so i would say that we had to build everything with our hands, facing and winning the worst troubles ever!

Would you do some things differently if you could start this band once again?

I don’t know really. I mean, everything we’ve done so far for this band was thank to all our effort and our sacrifice, so actually question might be, would you start this band once again?

The reply is YES, we would do everything again, but in a better way! This doesn’t mean we went wrong with this band, we just would repair the few mistakes we had to cope with in the last months!

Ok, mate. What would you wish for yourself for the rest of this year?

I wish 2013 will rule, for me, for my band and for anyone else who follows the dream of making his world known by playing music and shows everywhere!

And i’m sure it will for everyone!

Great! Would you like to add anything else? Thanks so much for the chat!

Thank YOU! for your time spent for us and for considering us, means the world! Nothing else, just rock n’ roll. [laughs]

things we lost logo

Karol Kamiński

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