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THIS WILL DESTROY YOU to release Vespertine score June 9th

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THIS WILL DESTROY YOU will release the long anticipated Vespertine score in its entirety this June via Dark Operative.

Vespertine is the musical score the band composed for Chef Jordan Kahn’s 2-Michelin Star restaurant of the same name. The score originally ran exclusively at the physical site of the restaurant in Culver City, California since its grand opening in late 2017. The program consists of seven pieces specifically written for moments within the building itself (and even the space around and on top of it).

The sequencing of the album is an attempt to mimic the order in which diners at Vespertine encounter different spaces throughout their experience. “Rumble” is the ever-present hum and ominous force surrounding the immediate exterior of the building. “Entrance” signifies the crossing over from the terrestrial realm into the inner atmosphere of “The Waffle” structure, where the evening begins to unfold. “Kitchen” is a warm, hospitable piece that accompanies a personal encounter with Chef Kahn. “Rooftop” and its celestially inspired movements often pair perfectly with clear nights atop The Waffle. “Dining Room” sets the tone for a multi-course main dinner service. “Exit” is another transitional piece signifying the end of the main service and setting the stage for a supplemental experience. Finally, “Garden” welcomes diners back into a semi-terrestrial realm wherein after-dinner sweets and beverages accompany reflection upon the evening’s moments, all in full view of the looming architectural monolith that is The Waffle.

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU initially released one track, “Kitchen,” to the masses in 2017. A limited-edition picture flexi of the track was released at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and now stands among the band’s most popular outputs yet.

Vespertine will be released on CD and digitally June 9th. Preorders can be found at THIS LOCATION, where the “Kitchen” flexi is also available. The vinyl edition is slated for release June 23rd, with preorders to be made available in the coming weeks.

Vespertine follows THIS WILL DESTROY YOU’s Variations & Rarities: 2004-2019, issued digitally via Dark Operative May 1st.

The first in an ongoing audio series, the collection pulls from the band’s dense archive of demos, unreleased tracks, variations on material that later evolved into something else, unused soundtrack cues, and everything in between. Variations & Rarities: 2004-2019, Vol. I is available for download via Bandcamp and can be streamed across all digital service providers.

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