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Tommy Stinson talks about THE REPLACEMENTS’ reunion

Metro Active recently spoke to Tommy Stinson, the bassist of THE REPLACEMENTS and GUNS N’ ROSES, who we don’t cover here on Idioteq.

In the interview, Stinson talked about THE REPLACEMENTS‘ long-awaited reunion and their upcoming EP, which was recorded to benefit their former guitarist Slim Dunlap, stating:

It’s like 21 years hadn’t passed. We didn’t overdub anything. We just played live, like we were doing a show almost. The way we used to do things. When Paul and I get together and play, there’s a certain chemistry that’s undeniable. It’s just a very special, finite thing that we have. Many bands never get that. They can get in a room together and play, but that’s it. There’s a certain chemistry that he and I have that goes beyond that.

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