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Top 10 French hardcore & metal bands under the radar – by French metallic hardcore band BEYOND THE STYX

Fresh off the release of their third album on WTF Records, French metallic hardcore band BEYOND THE STYX join us for a wild ride with their top under the radar hardcore and metal bands from France (plus one from Spain)!

“Is our history an eternal beginning?” That’s the challenge Beyond The Styx undertakes: Embodying the flapping of a butterfly wing, become a part of the storm of change. Hit the road without counting the distance that separates the gig of tonight from the next, support each local scene so that hardcore music exists today and tomorrow, rally the people to defend respect for difference, and invite everyone to think about the drift of the values of the contemporary society so that the reality of today does not become the new hell of tomorrow.

Born in the underworld of Tours in the twilight of 2011, Beyond The Styx is inspired by a dark and violent musical universe, at the crossroads between hardcore punk, metal, and crossover thrash. The French quintet has gradually reinforced their destructive armory over the course of a demo, an EP, and two lauded LPs. An active live band, BTSTYX has unleashed their out-of-control energy in front of the crowds on more than 180 gigs all over Europe, performing alongside Terror, First blood, Nasty, Malevolence, Cold Hard Truth, Broken Teeth, and Alea Jacta Est, to name a few.

Beyond The Styx by Potvin Franck

Beyond The Styx by Potvin Franck

With their upcoming record, Sentence, BTSTYX incarnates themselves as a musical chimera. Patently, this album is their most freaked-out and frenetic outing, with lyrics addressing topical affairs such as uninhibited and oppressive xenophobia, global warming, the society of control, police violence, and burnout. Some of the tracks also go a little more personal, concentrating on loneliness, isolation, social withdrawal, and self-loathing. Throughout the ten rip-roaring numbers, BTSTYX manifests an authentic, incisive desire to open minds to the evils that have been gnawing away for too long at this most decadent modern society.

Sentence is out now via WTF Records (CD and vinyl) and Diorama Records (cassette). The album is being distributed via Season Of Mist.

Raw, violent, real, and straightforward. Utterly brutal, and wickedly smashing, the latest release by France’s Beyond the Styx is the perfect balance between metal’s fast blazing riffs, and hardcore’s anger and pure rage. / Metal Roos

Ultimately, this album probably won’t change many opinions when it comes to hardcore, but it’s also hard to imagine those already on board having any real issues with it. This is rock solid mosh-fuel made stronger still by the band’s defiant, determined and politically outspoken attitude. What’s not to like? / Distorted Sound

For fans of Walls Of Jericho, Harm’s Way, Sworn Enemy.

Top 10 metal/hardcore bands worth a check – by BEYOND THE STYX:

TEETHING (Power Violence/Grind/Hardcore)

Undoubtedly one of the most underrated extreme metal bands from Spain. TEETHING is literally one of my favorite European crossover bands! They convey the power of hardcore, the ardor of Grindcore, and all the brutality of Death Metal!

recommended song: “Take Me to a Doctor”

VERBAL RAZORS (Thrash/Crossover)

If you need to remember only one French thrash/crossover band name, it would definitely be them! Too Rock n’ Roll for thrash and too punk for rock… This quartet has a recipe for turning a venue into a fairground. Last night VERBAL RAZORS saved my life!

recommended song: “Blood in Your Hands”

PYRECULT (Darkened Hardcore)

Rarely a crossover band had managed to take me to hell on a one-way trip. It was brief but so unhealthy and violent! PYRECULT is the kind of band that doesn’t need to be categorized as the violence of their music speaks for itself. Not for the fainthearted!

recommended song: “Tyrannicide”


As heavy as it is intoxicating, PRESUMPTION knows how to make you lose slowly but surely in the labyrinthine abyss of an old-school doom musical universe from which you will not emerge unscathed. Raw rock n’ roll for raw people!

recommended song: “Atomic Fear”

HARD MIND (Hardcore)

The raw diamond of French hardcore scene! Powerful as a tank, 360% militant, as explosive as a molotov cocktail, unpredictable as a black bloc, HARD MIND embodies a riot all on its own! HM is definitely not meant for all hands.

recommended song: “Rise of a Massive Anger”

REAL DEAL (Punk Hardcore)

Do you still want Groove? Here’s! Real Deal takes you on a rabid old-school hardcore punk scene that is infectious. If you see their name on the poster in your town, go for it! Cool vibes guaranteed!

recommended song: “Push Away”

LØVVE (Pøvver violence)

What if the recipe for love was put together in 5 letters? 33% power violence, 33% grindcore, 33% hardcore: 666% LØVVE!

recommended song: “You Can’t Understand”

BRAINFUEL (Experimental Hardcore)

The hardcore encounter of the 3rd kind. As much scenic energy as musical influences per square meter. BRAINFUEL gives us such kind of live shows that are unforgettable! Imagine if All Shall Perish will be engaged in a handicap match with Glassjaw and Everytime I die.

recommended song: “Monsters Make Monsters”

FINAL SHODOWN (Brutal Deathcore)

Finally, a deathcore act that goes off the beaten track. Inspired by the modern wave, nothing is left to chance with the young quartet. Powerful, destructive, and groovy. FS can never be done with hurting us: “This is the FINAL SHODOWN!”

recommended song: “Yet Another!”

NØVAK (Screamo)

Only the good die young. NØVAK’s flayed skins are unfortunately no exception to the rule — all the emotion of a screamo band overflowing with melancholy and dark thoughts that literally leave you alone with your own demons.

recommended song: “Vire au noir”

Catch BEYOND THE STYX live at the following stops:

Beyond The Styx

04.03 🇫🇷 Orléans – le Dropkick Bar
05.03 🇧🇪 Arlon – l’Entrepôt
12.03 🇫🇷 Tours – le Bateau Ivre
25.03 🇫🇷 Blois – the Outbreak Fest
01.04 🇫🇷 Challans – le Cocoon Bar
02.04 🇫🇷 Querrien – BZH HxC Party
29.04 🇫🇷 Nantes – Noisy TrashStock Fest
13.05 🇫🇷 le Gd Pressigny – Jurassic Fest
14.05 🇫🇷 Lille – la Brat Cave
26.05 🇫🇷 Montaigu – Rhinos Féroces Fest
27.05 🇫🇷 Rouen – le Comptoir des Pirates
09.07 🇫🇷 Notre Dame d’Oé – RIIP Fest

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