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Top 3 split records that you (probably) missed, as seen by emo rockers DAMPER

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Just a couple of days after our recent feature on the newest emo split between DAMPER and SLOW DISCO, we’re back with a follow-up special, exposing DAMPER’s taste in music, through their first-hand list of top split records worth a check!

We’re stoked to let you get to know them a bit more and hopefully get you on board with their amazing, smooth and nostalgic sounding work.

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Thom of DAMPER, by Liam King
Thom of DAMPER, by Liam King

Thom’s pick: IIOI / KOJI

In my mind, this split is and likely always will be the best collection of music from both Into It. Over It. and Koji’s respective discographies. With 10 tracks (5 from each artist) and a runtime of almost 30 minutes, neither artist overstays his welcome nor leaves anything to be desired in the slightest. Every time I revisit the split starting with Into It. Over It. I’m blown away by the consistency of the production quality and candor of Evan Weiss’ songwriting (listeners need go no further than the opening track, a slow-burning indie opus entitled “Wicker Park,” to understand what I mean but they should if they know what’s good for them). The variety of emotions and textures exhibited on Koji’s half of the album also never cease to amaze; coffeeshop folk ballads and raucous full band tracks alike flow into and out of each other seamlessly. All in all, IIOI/KOJI exemplifies how two artists with distinct voices and listener bases can combine their efforts to make something that’s better than it might have been had they released the songs on their own which, I believe, is exactly what a good split should do.

Bella’s pick: Ceschi / Pat the Bunny

Growing up in the dirty kid punk scene, I already knew and loved the work of the anarchist dirty kid songsmith Pat the Bunny, but this split introduced me to Ceschi, an insightful, funny, and heartfelt songwriter/rapper. His side of the split discusses the absurd indignities of prison life and Catholic education, which he approaches with humor and sincerity. Not to be outdone, Pat comes through with some of his strongest (and last) work to date, interrogating his own beliefs about the world and the elusive nature of justice. The pair team up for the last song, a swinging duet about the humdrum civilian life of former criminals not eager to return to prison. A great document to end an era and some of the best tunes either has ever written.

NIc of DAMPER, by Liam King
Nic of DAMPER, by Liam King

Nic’s pick: Porches / Lvl up

As a long time fan of both bands, this split was a fantastic discovery for me. I got into porches when their sound was more polished, and getting to see where they came from was eye opening. The sweet melodies and riffs on “Townie Blunt Guts” will be stuck in my head forever. At this point of my life, I was far too focused on introducing complexity into my music, but this release taught me the importance of a catchy melody or riff and a simple chord progression.

Existential Split by DAMPER and SLOW DISCO is out May 1st on cassette and all streaming platforms via Old Press Records.

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