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Top punk rock tracks by Austrian band FRIDAY’S SPIRIT

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Two years after the release of their single “For All That’s Left”, Salzburg, Austria-based punk rockers FRIDAY’S SPIRIT are back with a brand new single, titled “A Moment to Be Seen”, underlining their musical punk rock ancestry. Today, we sat down with the band to give you their top punk rock tracks of other bands worth checking out.

The band comments: “After our last release “For All That’s Left”, we really didn’t believe in recording another session in 2020. However, as the Covid pandemic left us with no real choices, we eventually agreed on diving into our latest song material to create a new EP. The reason for this was simple: we wanted to keep the band alive and we wanted to be productive. “A Moment To Be Seen” is the first single taken from our upcoming EP “Skin And Bones”. It is one of our favorite tracks and we hope that people will like it as much as we do!”

The single “A Moment To Be Seen” is out since April 1st 2021 on major streaming platforms and was released along with a lyric video available to watch on YouTube!

Credits: Artwork by Laurence Crow Illustration / Lyric video by Stereo 27 Productions

Top captivating anthemic punk rock tracks ever?

There are so many anthemic punk rock tracks in this world, so many talented musicians, and yet so little time to mention all of em’. However, if it comes to punk rock anthems, we would absolutely bite our tongues off, if we didn’t mention the one and only Bad Religion and their song Los Angeles Is Burning. It’s such a classic punk rock track, strong, memorable, great lyrics and the chorus is absolutely bonkers. Thank god for Bad Religion.

Moving on, the band The Bouncing Souls has had such a great impact on our musical career (if one can speak of a career as such), and we will never ever forget singing along their punk rock monument True Believers. That song proves that you don’t need fancy chorus lines. No, you just need an easy “aaaaaaaaah! we are the true believers” to make the decisive difference.

Finally, genre-wise one could argue that this band is more of a folk punk rock group, but when it comes to anthemic singalongs, these guys set the score at a phenomenal high. The Dropkick Murphys are probably one of the most renowned anthem writers of all time. The songs Shipping Up To Boston, Rose Tattoo, Warrior’s Code, The Spicy McHaggis Jig, etc. are only a minor selection of what would absolutely make the list for the most captivating punk rock anthems.

Top inspirations for heartfelt emo pop punk jams?

We are not so big into the heartfelt emo pop punk, but there are a few goodies that we can recommend. So, when it comes to emotional pop punk, punk rock, or emo jams, Blink 182’s track I Miss You is definitely upon our list. Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge gave that tune such a fantastic characteristic, and we are daring anyone to not get sentimental over their first high-school love, when listening to this song after a drunken night out with their pals! The Story So Far, love em’ or hate em’, but they have a wonderful way of getting you into the thatfuckerbrokemyheart state of mind when listening to tracks like Clairvoyant or Navy Blue. Depression, broken hearts, nostalgia? Get started with Blink 182 and The Story So Far.

Top local bands?

Steaming Satellites, Grey Czar, Please Madame, Coperniquo!

Top Austrian bands under the radar?

Steaming Satellites, The Sorrow († R.I.P.), We Blame The Empire!

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