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TORONTO HOMICIDE SQUAD – “Nein Bullets” [CS] (2013)

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TORONTO HOMICIDE SQUAD – “Nein Bullets” [CS] (2013)

TORONTO HOMICIDE SQUAD are post punks, who managed to successfully deconstruct rock and blend it with so much noise that you can’t hear what your heart is saying :)

The sound of a riot after you’ve taken a cosh to the head and there’s blood running into your ear canal. Something’s getting woozy, and you can’t tell if it’s the world or just in your mind. Noise, panic and confusion provided by drummer Gideon Steinberg (ex-Soupcans) and bassist Brandon Lim (HSY, Teen Tits Wild Wives). / Mechanical Forest Sound

Toronto Homicide Squad are without a doubt the next in line to ascend the throne of Canadian bass-and-drum punk bands. Following in the footsteps of NoMeansNo and Death From Above 1979, this Toronto two-piece comprised of Gideon Steinberg and Brandon Lim effectively make more of a racket with their collective four hands, sixteen fingers and four thumbs than all of Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene put together, and for the most part they do it all without even opening their mouths.

Indeed, their debut release on Pleasence Records, Nein Bullets, is by-and-large a strictly instrumental affair. Recorded by Don Pyle of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet fame, their sound is equal parts musical assault on the senses and non-violent protest. Their message is nonexistent, yet their fuzzed-out bass tone and precision drumming are unmistakably urgent, nothing short of a musical call-to-arms.

Only the last song on this EP, “This Way’s for Show, That Way’s for Tell” hints at what Toronto Homicide Squad might sound like with fully-developed songwriting, hanging on the EP’s lone lyric “I’ve got an itch, I don’t wanna scratch/ It’s got a hold on me, it’s holding me back.” One can’t help but feel that there’s something embryonic about Nein Bullets, the first glimpse of future greatness to come. Don’t be surprised if the band breaks their vow of silence and opens their mouths a whole lot more next time around / Aside/Beside – A Planet Of Sound


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