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Toronto mathy emo rockers GROWING FINS discuss inspirations behind their thunderously emotional self-titled EP

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Toronto emo/post-hardcore band GROWING FINS just released their twinkling, hearty new self-titled EP via Old Press Records, and today we have teamed up to expand this great sonic adventure, very rich on unique fusions and sounds, ready to struck an emotional chord with the listener immediately.

Growing Fins is a Toronto-based emo band with boisterous post-hardcore parts that are beautifully embroidered with mathy guitars.

Whatever promises Growing Fins has made on earlier releases, they’ve kept on their self-titled EP, delivering a set of remarkably well-balanced fifth-wave emo that has a clear idea of where it is going, but isn’t afraid to take its time getting there. Take a walk with this album on your phone. Read some poetry with it on in the background. Or you can just lie on the floor and do nothing but listen to it. Let it help you find your center today. / New Noise Magazine

“Ogilvie” was a fired-up, fast-paced ripper that fused Midwest emo noodling with gravelly Hot Water Music/Title Fight shouts, but “Hotbox” shows off a more slow-burning, post-rocky side, and it’s cool to hear this more expansive, experimental side of them. / BrooklynVegan

The fact that all 4 members of Growing Fins sing during the songs builds a thunderous atmosphere that can knock you on your ass when it’s called for and then effortlessly transition to quiet whispers that can sting the listener at their most vulnerable introspective moments (in a good way). The delivery of the vocals is reminiscent of acts like Midwest pen Pals, William Bonney and Merchant Ships. The lyrics are also exceptional, they tell stories with an almost Bukowski-esque parataxis. / What We Listen To

10 Songs That Inspired the emo / math / post rock amalgam by Toronto’s GROWING FINS

Almost Sterling – Gulfer

Beautiful song with immaculate guitar playing, super passionate vocals that make me want to yell along like it’s the last tune ever. The drum fill at 2:53 is perfect. If their was ever a Magnificent Guitar Intro Award, this song would win. – Connor

Spring Forward – Hikes

Seeing Hikes live was really inspiring and I love the way their two guitar parts relate – Ben

Sounds Like A Pretty Brutal Murder – Iron Chic

Probably my favourite band in the game right now. The energy the band brings is unmatched in my opinion and the lyricism is poignant, but brings a sense of humour that doesn’t take itself too too seriously. Absolutely stellar band who continue to inspire me every day. – Connor

Mockingbirds – Elle

I love the work of the vocalist in Elle. Their screaming has a really nice tone to me. – Ben

GROWING FINS by Raf Santos
GROWING FINS by Raf Santos

Parked in the Parking Lot of Your Heart – Polar Bear Club

I wanted to be able to sing like Polar Bear Club forever. Loved every album this band put out, but this was the first tune of theirs I heard and it’s a favourite to this day. They’re also low key super heavy and the guitar tone is biiiiig. Come back Polar Bear Club, I miss you! – Connor

I am the Boy – sports.

I really like the lyricism and approach to song form from sports. – Ben

Spiral of Kielce – The Cabs

This band was absolutely bonkers and this song is the truth. A gorgeous combination of blisteringly fast drums and really pretty vocals and guitar with trading vocals. Abrasive yet graceful. – Connor

Saturday – Remember Sports

Saturday and all Remember Sports songs are all really good examples of songs with super catchy melodies! – Ben

life – awakebutstillinbed

I really like the melodies that awakebutstillinbed writes and I try to use that to inform my guitar parts. – Ben

The Dork Ages – Oliver Houston

I can’t say enough good things about this band. One of the best to ever do it. Everything about this song (and pretty much all of their songs) is spectacular. We somehow wound up with them on the bill in Toronto for our first EP release and seeing them live and being able to share a stage with them was super special.
– Connor

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