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TRENCHFOOT streaming their debut LP!

New York crossover band TRENCHFOOT (signed with Glory Kid Ltd. in late 2014) have launched a full stream of their debut full length album called “At the Mercy of Circumstance”. Check it out and catch them live at This is Hardcore after show this weekend in Philadelphia (see the flyer below).

As you might have surmised by the cover art, Trenchfoot play a noisy feedback-driven style of hardcore that takes some rhythmic cues from thrash metal. Once upon a time people might have called this “crossover,” but at this point it seems like the hardcore-metal Venn diagram looks more like a single circle than ever before, at least in America, so perhaps we ought to come up with a term for anything that draws no influence from hardcore at all.

At the Mercy of Circumstance doesn’t exactly break new ground, but in the course of its brief runtime, it glorifies every front-line technique in modern hardcore, from brief, stringy guitar solos to feedback sequels fueled by pickups that sound as hot as the surface of the sun. It’s exactly what I want a record like this to be: nasty, brutish and short.”

At The Mercy Of Circumstance is now available digitally via iTunes and all other digital platforms. Vinyl format is delayed a week but still available for preorder here.

Oficially premiered over at InvisibleOranges.


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