Trent Reznor: “I’m going to be writing for NINE INCH NAILS this year”

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Trent Reznor revealed that NINE INCH NAILS will be back with the new material this year.

Trent commented:

I’m going to be writing for Nine Inch Nails this year.
I don’t have any particular goal in mind other than… my voice as a songwriter feels like it needs to speak up or at least work out a little bit to not atrophy. I think I have something to say that feels unique to who I am right now, and that’s when it tells me it’s time to do something.
(…) at the moment it’s going to live in the NINE INCH NAILS column, for a few reasons. I enjoy the challenge of moving that kind of brand forward, that identity, shaping it to who I am now instead of who I was a few years ago when I last left off.
It’s all kind of hypothetical right now. When I sit down with a notebook and a little mini-recorder is when my bluff will be called, and then it might not happen at all.

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NINE INCH NAILS performing “Somewhat Damage” live at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on August 22nd,

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