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“TSTT” – Austrian power act FRIDAY’S SPIRIT rock on with new single & music video

2 years after their debut EP release “Parts”, Salzburg, Austria based power rockers FRIDAY’S SPIRIT are back with a brand new single, titled “TSTT”, showcasing their punk and rock influences, and giving you a fine idea of what to expect from these guys later down the road in 2019. Here’s what the band had to say about the new track & video:

“TSTT actually means Trans-Siberian Thunder Tiger and is based on a real story, reported by the UK newspaper METRO. In 2016, a man, allegedly from the Czech Republic, was filmed by hidden cameras, running 15 and a half miles naked through a forested area near the Czech-Polish border. The police later on reported that he had taken the hallucinatory drug LSD, which made him feel like he had become a Siberian tiger.

At first, when we read about it, we were just joking around. However, the more we laughed and talked about it, the more we were trying to re-create the circumstances that had led to this bizarre transformation. In fact, he also mentioned that he had always felt connected to the animal. So, hands down, how cool is that? I mean, you could take it as a reference to ‘wanting to break out’, or you could just picture a naked man running through a forest. We prefer the latter.”

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FRIDAY’S SPIRIT by “Art of Sight” (http://www.artofsight.productions/home/)

“The shooting was great and we had tons of fun! At this point, we’d like to give a shout-out to Max and Dominik from artofsight.productions for hours and hours of hard work! Also, shout-out to the actor, Raphael Steiner, a good friend of ours. He truly was the best person to bring about the story. And only when we watched the scenes for the first time, we realized how dependent a good video is on acting! We’re just super happy about the result, and hope that our fans, including many new people, will enjoy listening to TSTT.”

FRIDAY’S SPIRIT are: Dave (guitar and vocals), Flo (drums and vocals) and Phil (lead guitar).

“TSTT” lyrics:

I’m feeling the regression,
to wash everything away,
And I’m trying my best to keep this heart from bleeding,
A ceaseless struggle to keep up the speeding,

Count your bruises to kill the hollow,
But know thyself before embracing the unknown

I broke my knee,
From kicking the crap out of (outta) my god damned guts,
Oh shitty me right there in the clinic smiling high

I didn’t know what it meant
It simply happened to me,
A shapeshifter life out of the ordinary,
Down on my knees,
I’m not begging to give in,
For all I need is you to understand me

Will you help me to stand strong?
Or be my ally?
Will you help me to move on?
Or find a new sky?

I broke my knee,
From kicking the crap out of (outta) my god damned guts,
Oh shitty me right there in the clinic smiling high

I embrace the medicine (3x)
In the same way as this animal

Lurking and waiting and creeping inside
I can’t hold it back, my whole world is on fire

I’ burning
I can’t hold it back
Can you see

Here I come I’m on my way
And no more sense of time
Is weighing down on me
And in the here and now
Forget paying the price
Cause feeling alright means feeling alive

Oh set it right on Saturday night
No calamities, just an angel choir
Oh set it right on Saturday night
Devine but dirty
Spitting holy water

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