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Existence and Essence: Italian post rock / screamo act DHOLE discuss an interesting concept; premiere new video

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It was about a year ago when we presented the amazing art from experimental blackened post metal act SELVA [‘selvə], and it is my great pleasure to unveil “Tratti Poetici/ Lati Semantici”, the newest video from shoegazin’, post rock tinged screamo act DHOLE (members of SELVA), who have released their recent EP “Dove mitigano i dubbi e nascono credenze” in November last year via Overdrive Records, Longrail Records, Dreaming gorilla records, E’ un brutto posto dove vivere records, Non ti seguo records, Nothing left records, and Goodfellas. Directed by Alessio Pasquini, the video can be seen above! Check it out and dive into the full story behind it, delivered directly by the band.

The concept that rotates around the album’s six tracks is the affirmation of the individual value.

Beginning from the first track “Abbattere Rituali”, that sets as prerequisite of the whole album the fall of all principles, habits and mental automatisms, the other tracks are characterized by the exasperated research of a logic, of a clearer path before coherent behaviours of a well organized and predictable world.

The videoclip track, “I tratti poetici/i lati semantici” is the most sincere reflection time; we’re running too much, a balance is missing and we must discuss more archaic argumentation.

The choice of the video is perfect for this song because of the power and the wider expressive possibility, giving the piece several meanings:

Existence and Essence: the existance preceeds the essence and the essence is the result of the subject’s alternatives among possible worlds, which are built by experiences, emotions and expectations. Without existence there is no essence, but if there is existence there is the force for an essence;

Silence and Word: silence as a source of thought, elaboration, memory and meaning that causes the word, that correspond to the expression of the effects of mental, ambiental, cultural and contextual processes;

Time and Duration: Time as scientific, represented as a pearl necklace, equal to itself, reiterated as a measure tool. Duration as past, an entangled ball, duration is subjective and assumes different meanings for each person (H. Bergson, 1889 – Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness);

Mind and Body: is of actual interest the potentiality that the Artificial Intelligence (IA) can assume in the explanation of human phenomena. Is it possible to recreate the human intelligence in a computer? Some academics think it is possible to divide the mind from the body (Dennet, Edelman, Rorty) others think it’s impossible to replicate the human mind (Damasio, Davidson, Searle).

“In the video we compare the expressions of phisical and mental activation during a hug: in one side an electroencephalogram, in the other a virtual reality viewer”

Continued below…


Logic and Paradox: in the dicotomy slave-master (Hegel 1807) two types of autoconscience are declared, even if they are dipendent the one from the other there are discrepancies of possibility dictated by the presumed power. This phenomenon occurs even in society, where there is the affirmation of one’s autoconscience at the expense of another.

Freedom and Morality: Freedom is expressed through the use of two religion symbols: one is the hijab, the other is the crucifix. The true freedom is not in censoring one of these two elements, but in the possibility to live both of them without consequences. Morality is represented from a compass that the subject uses in this circumstance to confront freedom.

Know how to love and how to let others live us: conclusive dualism, two guys hold one umbrella that cannot cover them completely, leaving them for a half out of the other and for the other half into the other. In the final part the subject completes the corridor and find himself in front at the last object: a black table. On it there are some ribbons, he begins to tear them creating a chessboard. This last action reveals the impossibility to divide existence and essence: they must coexist to exist both.

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More about DHOLE:

Founded in 2014 by Antonio Rodio (drums), Matteo Respighi (vocals), Andrea Pezzi (bass), Giorgio Gasparini (guitars), Lorenzo Di Gemma (guitars). Dhole is the author of a perfect Italian screamo sound with shades of math rock including particular and complex post rock riffs.

The lyrics are metaphysical, introspective, reflexive. They sing in Italian.

Their first album called “Oltre ai confini della nostra essenza” has been acclaimed by Italian underground scene, allowing the band to play almost 50 show in these years in every part of Italy and supporting screamo band like Raein and Birds in row.

DHOLE by Stefano Cremaschi
DHOLE by Stefano Cremaschi

The new album has been recorded and mixed live by Fabio Intraina at TRAI studio (Inzago, MI) and mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at NEWMASTER studio (MI).

The artwork and layout has been realize by a famous italian underground artist called ALBERONERO and the name of the cover is MEZZAVALLE, 18 TONES OF STONES.

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