TZN XENNA 7” pre-order

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Refuse Records and Tzn Annex Records presents  legendary TZN XENNA “1981-2011″ 7” EP pre-order.

The year 1981 – political unrest is culminating. The “communist” government in Poland sends tanks and army troops to the streets in order to maintain the status quo. Frustration and the fear of tomorrow are reaching their limits. The omnipresent paranoia and tear gas. In such circumstances, the second wave of Polish punk rock is developing. From now it’s more angry, consistent, direct and thick in terms of the sounds and aesthetics. During these times, a band, which will soon become one of the driving force of this wave appears-TZN XENNA.
The year 2011 – exactly 30 years have passed since these the above-described events and 24 years since the band’s disappeared. Summer of 2011 TZN XENNA has come back to life, causing a lot of feedback around. They remind their old songs and at the same time work on new ones. TZN XENNA shows that a band is not only a sentimental journey into the past but also a new quality of music and new issues for their lyrics (like “Kalasznikow” about recent Breivek’s mass-killing in Norway). The 7″ep which we would like to present was recorded on the occasion of the Xenna’s 30’th birthday. It contains two songs from the early days of the band which had not been recorded in the Studio before but also one brand new song. All the songs were recorded in 2011 and mastering was done by Jarek “Smok” Smak (As One Studio, Post Regiment). In this way we were able to expand the band’s limited discography. Apart from the tracks included on the compilations (“Jak punk to punk” and “Victim of a safety pin”), after releasing “Dzieci z brudnej ulicy” 7″ (1985) ,this will be the second vinyl release for TZN XENNA.

Track list:

Side A:
1.Paranoja ’81

Side B:

Pressing info

3 test press (not for sale)
150 copies, limited edition, red vinyl, additional cover (sold out!)
350 copies, regular edition, yellow vinyl (5,00 EUR / $6 +shipping)

Ordering: [email protected], [email protected]

Release-show: 4 February 2012 during the Tzn Xenny show in Poznan, Poland.
Shipping: 6-12.02.2012

TZN XENNA live in Warsaw, Poland, 1987:


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