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WAR CHARGE interviewed by Legends Arising

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The members of WAR CHARGE were recently interviewed by Legends Arising.

Please introduce yourself and your band, and include a brief description of your music.

We’re War Charge from Scotland. We play fast, modern hardcore. Richmond vibes.

You’re about to head down on a first, two-week tour through Europe. Can you describe the feeling that this is becoming reality very soon?

As I type this I’m on the boat to Europe! The feeling is all a bit surreal. Two of us (Robbie, Chris) have never toured before, never mind in Europe! The rest are all well seasoned and I’m sure they are just as excited as I am.

Any specific reason you’re mainly focusing on eastern European countries?

Our guitarist Luke is from Poland and has been touring Europe since he was 16. In that time he has built up a lot of contacts across Europe and they were very helpful in making this a reality.

“Reality Check: make the most of it…?” What are your expectations of this tour, and the 7″ you’re putting out later this month? Where do you see yourselves a year from now?

We are very excited about the release of the 7”. Twelve months ago we were just forming, no decision on a band name, two songs and thee different band members. So twelve months on from now I’d like to keep the band members stable! But also see us continuing to visit Europe (Ideally; all the countries we’re not getting a chance to visit this time), or even going to the US or Japan!

Feel free to read the rest of the interview here.

Karol Kamiński

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