Washington DC’s garage punks LOUD BOYZ discuss their debut album

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The always tongue-in-cheek LOUD BOYZ have dubbed their new track “I Am The Night” as Action Rock, and even in jest the term is surprisingly accurate. The new song blazes by in just barely over two minutes, providing a shot of adrenaline and showcasing the band’s knack for crafting a perfect mix of hooks and Keith Morris inspired aggression. I am stoked to give you my brief interview with the band to give you a bit broader idea of what to expect and look for when dealing with these naughty boyz.

LOUD BOYZ‘ upcoming debut full length, Tough Love, Hard Feelings, is due out July 10th through Cricket Cemetery Records (pre order at this location).

Photo by Franz Mahr.

Loud Boyz have the unique ability to be right at home sharing the stage with an eclectic span of acts, having already performed with the likes of Coliseum, Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg With Andrew WK, and even the legendary Buzzcocks. That ability will be on full display in September when band performs at this years Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, NC.

Having only played live as a band for a little over a year, Loud Boyz have quickly become an incredibly buzzed about band in the mecca of punk rock music that is Washington DC. With varied backgrounds as punk eclectics, artists, and musicians, Loud Boyz‘s Kenny Brown, Rory Sheridan, Devin Cassidy, Alex Anderson, and Mitchell West have fused their collective arty, noisy, weirdness to create a mix of hardcore punk and garage music that is so raw and unpredictable that it’s abundantly clear the band intend to shake things up.

After releasing a two song single last year, and sharing the stage with the likes of The Buzzcocks, Coliseum, United Nations, Black Clouds and Typefighter, the band is ready to unleash their debut full length, Tough Love, Hard Feelings, on up-and-coming DC label, Cricket Cemetery Records. Loud Boyz may be new, but its members are no strangers to the hardcore punk scene, having played in bands such as Warchild, Rattler, and New Rock Church of Fire. By merging the most prominent elements of their past projects, Loud Boyz have unearthed a rowdy collision of punk, hardcore, and garage rock that makes heads bang with its sonic bite, but has more than a few hooks amongst the aggression.

Hi guys! What’s up? How are you?

Hey! Alex here. Doing well, thanks! Played a super fun show over the weekend at Roll Up Brooklyn.

Cool! How does it feel to be on the verge of the premiere of your debut album? What are your feelings on it now upon its release?

It’s crazy, but it feels great. We’re all super stoked on how things turned out.

Tell me a bit about the path that led you to where you are with this band now? What motivated you to come together and form the BOYZ?

The band is really just a product of friendship. We just liked jamming together in Rory’s basement over a few beers and now we have a full length coming out. Safe to say none of us thought any of this would be happening haha.


It’s been only a year or so since your inception and you’ve already player a bunch of gigs with some serious acts and well-known artists! How come is it all happening so fast for LOUD BOYZ?

Well at first we weren’t sure if we were going to play shows. But then out of the blue a buddy of Mitchell’s hears he’s in a new band and asks if we want to play this local artist showcase at the Howard Theatre. We only had three songs written, but the set times were only five minutes long so we figured “Fuck it, why not?” After that people just started asking us to play shows. It’s insane to think about how we’ve opened for some of the bands we’ve opened for. I just feel lucky as hell, to be honest.

Are your current national dates first time performing outside of Washington area? Tell me a bit about your touring experience so far.

We all have full time jobs so it’s tough to get out much. But we played Baltimore back in December and then again in February. Did a short run of shows with our buddies UNITED NATIONS and BLACK CLOUDS up to Brooklyn. Then Baltimore in early May and we just played in Brooklyn this past weekend. Really excited to get down to Raleigh for Hopscotch Fest in September, too.


What is your most favorite venue to perform at outside Washington, D.C.?

Oh, definitely Saint Vitus. Such a cool space and everyone that works there is so nice.

How are you received outside the States? Do you receive some feedback from other countries? Also, is there already a European trek in the works?

I know someone in the UK has ordered a shirt, but other than that I’m not too sure if people know about us across the pond. We are definitely open to the idea of a European tour, but no plans to right now.


Ok buddies, back to your debut LP, why Cricket Cemetery Records? How did you decide to work with these guys on your first proper record?

We linked up with Jason and Ian near the end of last summer for the 7″, figured we’d do the full length with them as well.

Are there any unfinished songs lying somewhere in your vault? Can we expect more records later this year?

Yup! We’re cooking up some new tunes, but nothing set in stone in terms of LP number two.

Nice. And what are your other plans like for the near future and what can we expect from LOUD BOYZ in 2015 and 2016?

As of right now, we have a show coming up July 1st at the Black Cat, opening for DARKEST HOUR on their 20th anniversary tour with DEAD TO FALL. We’re also playing with NUCLEAR AGE, BREAK X AWAY, and I.C.E. at the end of August at Saint Ex, there’s an LP release party in the works, and we’ll be playing this year’s Hopscotch Fest in Raleigh.

Cool, thanks! Thanks a lot for the interview. Do you have any last remarks or closing comments for our readers?

Meats & Foods is the truth!

Ha! Cheers from Poland!


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Photo by Michael Andrade.

Tour Dates:

07/01 Washington DC @ The Black Cat w/ Darkest Hour, Dead To Fall
08/30 Washington DC @ TBA w/ Nuclear Age, Break Away, I.C.E
09/10 – 09/12 Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Music Festival

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