WE RIDE – “Never Lower Your Head”

WE RIDE have premiered one of their new songs “Never Lower Your Head”, taken from their new album “On the Edge”.

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A life under shadows, Fearing it’ll happen again. Trying to be the perfect girl, Pleasing him everyday, but no matter how hard you tried it was never enough, suffering from year to year, hiding all this fucking pain. get up and scream your reality, difficult to admit. a million lives lost have no solution we won’t let it happen anymore. open your eyes. stay strong. don’t allow him to control your mind. guilty of your fear, your unhappiness..don’t forget what he did to you. its time to make him pay. let’s send him to hell. listen to our words, never lower your head. it’s time to prove yourself .you are more than his maid. if you have to crawl to live get up and die. Never Lower Your Head.

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