WHALE’S ISLAND needs your help!

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Indelirium Records’ WHALE’S ISLAND have lost all their stuff as a result of a fatal theft. Check out the details below.

Despite the disaster, the band has been readying their new video for the song “Over The Reef”. The details shall be announced soon.

whales island

In the beginning of November the band issued the following statements:

Hi everyone, Whales’ Island here from Rome, Italy. We wanted to let you know that tonight show at S.giacomo has been erased: this morning we found out that some kind of thief had opened our van and stole everything from it…backline, instruments nor clothes and money.
Now we’re heading back home to Palermo aware of the fact that won’t be easy for us to come around and start again…but we wanted to thank everyone who have supported us for this tour and generally!

Our tour is over, we are at Home .. Without Nothing about our backline , clothes, Merch, and money .. But with our memories and our friendship… Thanks at all to you European scene! We Will be online Again soon.. But we want to have a break now … W.i. Crew

Hi everyone, guys, bands, labels…two days after the robbery and just one day after the end of our EuroTour 2012 that lasted 22 days, we wanted to really thank you for all the great support that you showed to us, for the organization and everything…we spent these days in the heavier way, but not at least we had a lot of fun, we really enjoyed every single show and it was wonderful meeting new people and seeing old friends of us…
Today we’re a band with anything left, not an instrument, nor money, nor merch, nor CDs, but we’re really happy to know that you, guys, are on our side holdin us up with all the comments, the calls and the e-mail that we received these days. But, ’cause of the great loss, we opened a paypal account for anyone who can help us out, even with a little donation, just to let us stand up and start again.

Now, the good new is that our brother Nicolò, founder and guitarist of the band, is once again with us, because without the whole of us 5, we couldn’t go ahead! During the end of this year 2012 and the beginnig of 2013, we decided not to go on tour because of the several problems like the lack of instruments and money, so we will just focus ourselves on arranging new stuff for the new full-lenght that, we hope, will come out near the end of 2013. Anyway we’ll do some shows here&there, asking you guys to continue supporting us and let our dream not to fade away!

This is the paypal account for the donations…sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for everything!
4023 6006 1979 1788

Share this status if you want to help us! :)

Thanks for everyone who’s helping us refilling our Paypal account. Your help is really huge for us and we’re really happy to see all this support from yours!
paypal: [email protected]

Thanks for everyone who’s helping us refilling our paypal account during these days…
We’re trying to book some shows till the end of this 2012, and we’re looking for new songs to record during the next 2013…we don’t think will be possible to have a tour but we want to play some shows in around with you friends, and bands….so if you can help us to book shows…just contact us..
by the way..thanks a lot for the support guys!

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