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What’s that ringing in you ear? NOTHINGHEADS share a collection of noisy post punk tracks worth a check

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From the urban labyrinth of London emerges the edgy, gritty soundscape of Nothingheads, a post-punk act whose artistic verve is as alluring as it is raw. Known for their deliciously discordant grooves that blend a palate of influences from psych, dark rock to doom, Nothingheads have carved a niche for themselves with their singular style, strident sounds, and incisive lyrical explorations.

Their recent single, ‘Rat‘, a prelude to the impending EP ‘Sunlit Uplands‘, serves as a fitting testament to their distinct brand of sonic artistry. To augment the celebration of their creative prowess, we take a dive into the sphere of alternative music to unearth the top recommended bands and artists who resonate with the Nothingheads’ brand of uproarious subversion.

Born in the tumultuous year of 2020, Nothingheads have emerged as a beacon of the London’s DIY live music scene, cutting through the chaos with their brand of music that is simultaneously commanding and cathartic. Their songs explore a variety of themes – from the unvarnished reality of Amazonian mines, to the modern marvel of super sewers, to the timeless allure of gambling in Gethsemane – each painting an aural portrait of the world as seen through the band’s eyes.

The imminent release of ‘Sunlit Uplands‘, a tenacious exploration of boredom-induced paranoia and other such tangible demons, has sent waves of anticipation rippling through the music community. Under the capable hands of Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios, the upcoming EP captures the raw, primal energy of Nothingheads’ live performances, channeling the intensity into a masterful display of sound and fury.


In the spirit of Nothingheads’ creative oeuvre, and the frenzy that surrounds their forthcoming EP, let’s uncover some of the top bands and artists that share the same sonic territory. These are the creators who, like Nothingheads, have chosen to carve their own path, shunning the mainstream in favor of an unfiltered, uncensored exploration of sound and expression. These are the artists for those seeking a visceral connection with music, a raw and unyielding echo of the world around us.

Buckle up, for the journey into the heart of the alternative music landscape is about to commence.

The Heads – Spliff Riff

I had never really heard of The Heads till Liverpool psych fest 2017. I was catching some air outside as the evening dragged on. A girl was slumped in the doorway of one of the venues and said something like ‘this isn’t psychedelic, this is some Mark E Smith punk shit’. Now The Heads don’t sound like The Fall, at least not to me, but there is something very in your face and aggressive about them, especially compared to a lot of the psych stuff around then, and it hit as soon as I walked in that room. Spliff Riff is their set closer, and there is a load of different versions floating about.

Novi Sad – Any Change

First saw these when playing with them last year and they blew me away– lights out, strobe on and off you go to sonic oblivion. Could’ve picked any release but went for this one as I like those choppy guitar bits.

Beige Banquet – Acid Bath

Spearheaded by Mr Tom Brierley, who is also head honcho at Just Step Sideways (the label that nicely lets us release our music), Beige Banquet are putting the egg in punk. Acid Bath is a particularly gratifying listen, more live sounding and punchier recorded than previous releases, it hits hard in all the right places and is all over under 3 minutes. Play it twice.

Girls in Synthesis – Pulling Teeth

We often hear GiS reverberating around Gun Factory studios (our rehearsal space). They keep pushing their sound forward, like in this industrial epic. Has to be seen live.

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