WHITE FIELDS – “Deepest Blue” song premiered

Coburg’s WHITE FIELDS are streaming their new song “Deepest Blue” below.


I cannot stand this feeling anymore
confusing thoughts
of a heavy mind
on papers all over the floor
dreams of a thousand fucking nights
still echoe in my aching head
how many pills to swollow down
’till i will finally forget

breathe in – caugh out
love lost – love found
sink in – break out
hope lost – hope found

with every passing day
another try to loose this feeling
why are we so in love with the ground
while we are bound to a fucking ceiling

„We are all rejected orphans of a died down past“
you can be sure If you catch one thought
that it will always fucking last
to stay and never leave again

a state of mind that is here to persist
and to erase a simple chance for a „live and let live“
to haunt me in my sleeps make it seem worse than a kiss
and rake my fucking longing for freedom and bliss

I’m so afraid that eventhough
i have tried my fucking best
i can’t replace this emptiness
that gathers from your chest

please let me sleep one night through
without thinking of you
deepest blue
me and you

then you said:
rome has been burnt down
all the roads are leading nowhere
they are leading nowhere
we are leading nowhere

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