WHOOP-Szo – “Niizhwaaswi” song premiere!

Rememember that great experimental / alternative / shoegaze record I presented you 4 months ago? Ontario’s WHOOP-Szo are releasing a new album on May 27th and they have teamed up with IDIOTEQ to bring you a brand new avant-garde tune called  “Niizhwaaswi”! As always, it’s very appealing and empirical. Definitely worth your time.

“WHOOP-Szo presents Niizhwaaswo, our third and final document of our adventures in Arctic Canada.
Technically these songs came first, recorded to 4 track at home, but finished while in the north. 
It melds elements of sound collage, disjointed parts, complex arrangements, and supreme momentum to weave sonic stories, all at once disorienting and enjoyable.
We’re both quieter and louder than our peers, while remaining unrevealed and unravelled.”

They explained to IDIOTEQ:

Niizhwaaswi is a song about sleeping outside in the bitter cold, 
but being held together with the deepest warmth of love.
one of our oldest songs that was taken from a poem Kirsten wrote about that chilly slumber.
the word niizhwaaswi simply means 7 … but in the teachings of the anishinaabe culture there is but seven teachings. respect, truth, honesty, humility, courage, wisdom and love ….
it’s kind of a scary look at the holistic feelings of the world as everything falls apart with one individual…
finishing this song in the north, looking out our windows into the Arctic Mountains was all too fitting a premonition.


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