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WILD ANIMALS discuss fantastic new record “The Hoax”

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Fresh off the release of their new earworm album “The Hoax”, a quality follow-up to their utterly captivating and compelling 2016 record “Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy”, Spanish power pop punk rockers WILD ANIMALS sit down with us to talk about the new record, its lyrical content, touring, their busy schedule, other projects, and more. The 10 songs will feel short by the end of this album, so play them loud and read our interview below.

The Hoax was released on April 27th via Lauren Records (U.S.), BCore Disc (Spain), La Agonía de Vivir (Spain), Pifia Records (Spain), Epidemic Records (Italy), Inhumano Records (Chile) and Waterslide Records (Japan).

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your time. First of all, I love your new record! It doesn’t stray far too from your previous masterpiece, but it’s soo effective at being a fine successor. I really love how it skilfully folds adventurous lyrics into power pop rockin’ jams and uses nostalgia to make comment on modern times with your specific and genuine feel. Tell us about the initial idea for this record and how you’re proud of it now that’s is finally out.

Thanks so much for your words, really appreciate it. Basically we wanted a new record out at most 2 years after our previous ones as we’d been kind of busy with shows, side projects etc. About a year ago we decided to book the studio and start to write a new set of songs. One clear difference in relation to the last one is that this time we hardly road tested the songs, having only played 3 of them live before going in to record. We’re really happy with it ’cause we wanted to evolve from “Basements…” in some way while not straying too far from it’s basic essence as you say. On those terms we think we made it so mission accomplished.

Is there a driving emotion or a main theme to ‘The Hoax’? Also, is there a thought that you hope it will provoke in us, the listeners?

Actually, we initially wanted to make a kind of concept record about the ills in our society and such but it was quite difficult to stick with it 100% as the songs were coming out. In some of them it seemed to be more appropriate to make them more personal so in the end we ended up with a mix. Hopefully it’s an entertaining listen while at the same time making people think about certain issues.

After 2 more years of being a band and running your other side-projects, where does your inspiration come from and how has it evolved?

We suppose it comes from the stuff we live and see on a day-to-day basis, the things that make us happy and the things we think are fucked up. We get a lot of inspiration from life on tour, people we meet, anecdotes etc. Musically we still listen to the same stuff with some new things thrown in occasionally and we’re quite demanding with the songs we write, leading us to discard some along the way.

What was your journey like to become such successful songwriters? Please take us further back in time and tell us about the pivotal moment when you first realized that you wanted to create music and your early experience in playing in bands and composing captivating rock tunes.

That’s a hell of a question to answer dude haha. Suppose it comes from wanting to emulate or create music along the same lines as the bands you love or at least those who made a mark on your formative years. You bet our first bands were kind of shitty but you learn from everything and at some point you begin to create music you’re happy with. When we started Wild Animals about 4 years ago we’d all been playing in bands for some years and knew what we wanted to sound like. From there we aim to constantly write better songs and nail both the sound and the lyrics.

WILD ANIMALS by Florencia Rojas
WILD ANIMALS by Florencia Rojas

Ok, so back to your current plans, you’re will be doing some Spanish shows before the Summer and a 3-week US trek in September. Tell us more about the tour. What places will you be visiting and what cities, spots or festivals are you most curious about.

It’s not confirmed yet so we don’t wanna talk about it too much in case we jinx it haha, but the idea is to tour the west-coast primarily for about two weeks.

Are you interested in the culture of North America? What’s there to love about the States?

All three of us have been to the US but not together as a band so we’re curious as to how it’ll work out in terms of touring etc. For better or worse about 75% of the music we’re passionate about comes from the States and a vast majority of the films and TV series we love too. Taking this into account it makes sense to go and play there and besides, we’ve all had cool experiences there as tourists and there are a lot of amazing landscapes and wildlife that don’t immediately come to mind when you think of the US.

How about more European shows? Can we expect more gigs later in 2018?

Well, we’ve just played the Booze Cruise in Hamburg on the 9th of June with a load of other sweet bands and there are a couple of ideas in the pipeline for short tours in countries we haven’t played yet.

WILD ANIMALS live by Pifia Records (aka Riva)
WILD ANIMALS live by Pifia Records (aka Riva)

Any upcoming non-WILD ANIMALS projects you’d like to share?

Referring to us, Jamie is starting to write stuff for a new Jamie 4 President record, Paula has just recorded with her new band Loss Leader which is kind of emo/indie with a slowcore influence. Fon, besides running his label La Agonia de Vivir, has started a new skate-punk band called Weak and not long ago did a Scandinavian tour with his emo-crust band Hyena. So yeah, we’re all kind of busy…Some Spanish bands worth checking out that you may not know are Klüte, Anchord, The Loud Residents, Balloon Flights, Troika, Llacuna, Violets, Bullitt, Ultimate Frisbee… among others.

Thanks so much for your time! It’s been a pleasure! Feel free to drop your last words.

Would just like to say thanks for all the support and kind words over the last couple of years, it really means a lot to us :)

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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