WITCH MOUNTAIN’s “South Of Salem” limited edition CD available

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For the first time on CD, in a limited edition, WITCH MOUNTAIN‘s acclaimed long-awaited second full-length “South Of Salem” is now available to order.

Formed in Portland, OR in 1997 by Rob Wrong (Iommi Stubbs, ex-M99) and Nathan Carson (Point Line Plane, Two Ton Boa, Sunn0))) collaborator, etc). The band’s debut album “…Come The Mountain” (succeeding the “Homegrown Doom” demo) was released to critical acclaim in 2001.

Between 1998 and 2002 Witch Mountain became a live staple in the Northwest and on the national circuit, touring with Weedeater and Spirit Caravan, and gigging with the likes of Lost Goat, Bongzilla, Goatsnake, Acid King, High on Fire, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, YOB, Unsane, EyeHateGod, Alabama Thunderpussy, Clutch, Unida, Solitude Aeturnus, Unorthodox, Sour Vein, Isis, Soilent Green, Karma to Burn, Nebula, Penance, Raging Slab, Warhorse, Agalloch, Thrones, etc. After that, a period of hibernation was in effect. That is until 2009 when Witch Mountain would re-surface with an addition to the band, the soulful and soaring female vocalist Uta Plotkin.

In 2010 Witch Mountain recorded their sophomore album “South Of Salem” with mega-producer Billy Anderson and in 2011, Witch Mountain got back on road as the band would release “South Of Salem” themselves on vinyl only and was officially self-released in April of 2011. The record garnered exceptional press as well as serious nods from NPR (which named it the #4 metal album of 2011), Decibel magazine, and beyond.

This is the first time “South Of Salem” sees its CD release (limited to a pressing of 1000 and featuring the bonus track ‘Iron Long 2010’) to help spread awareness for Witch Mountain’s brand of sludgy, Sabbath-like, dirgy, bluesy, soulful doom even further through Profound Lore Records. Along with imminent touring, the band will enter the studio this spring to record the follow-up to “South Of Salem” which will be released this summer through Profound Lore Records and will make a big impact on today’s doom metal scene.

Tracklisting for “South Of Salem” goes as follows:

1. Wing Of The Lord
2. Plastic Cage
3. South Sugar
4. End Game
5. Hare’s Stare
6. End Game (Slight Return)
7. Iron Long 2010 (bonus track)


Get it here.

Photo by Justine Murphy / Photic Photographic.

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