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10 albums to inspire noisy, slowly crawling, chaotic, sludge mathcore, by KRZTA

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Fresh off the release of their astounding, apocalyptic album “Żółć. Niszczenie. Zgliszcze”, Olsztyn, Poland based noise and sludge infused dark mathcore act KRZTA joins us to give you a special list of top albums that inspired their out of the box approach to songwriting and helped them craft one of the most interesting offerings in the chaotic math noise metal / hardcore in recent years.

At its eclectic and genuine heart, “Żółć. Niszczenie. Zgliszcze” is vastly experimental, visionary and sets demands for listeners. It brings a dynamic, yet crushingly heavy conclusion to more than two dacades of niche genres and defends its visionary concept with no need to use the wild speed over-exploited by their predecessors. The album is out now via Piranha Music.

For fans of: WHORES, Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Unsane, Neurosis.

Catch KRZTA live at the following stops in Poland:

17.12 – Poznań, Pod Minogą
18.12 – Wrocław, CRK
21.01 – Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly
22.01 – Słupsk, Motor Rock Pub
23.01 – Toruń, NRD
04.02 – Łódź, Wooltura
05.02 – Kraków, Alchemia
25.02 – Warszawa, Hydrozagadka
26.02 – Płock, Rock ’69


Top 10 records that inspired the unorthodox mathcore by KRZTA:

Kamil Błażewicz (guitar / vocals):

Korn “Life is Peachy”

This album totally blew my mind when I was a teenager. The way they “drop tuned” their guitars and their riffs and structure of the tracks. And don’t forget about the “fucked up – honest” vocal expression of Jonathan Davis to this day still makes a great impression on me.

Meshuggah “Nothing”

It was like “fuck me, I didn’t know you were allowed to play metal music like that?!“. Heavy, low tuned, polyrhythmic and groovy at the same time. I had never heard anything like this before.

Moja Adrenalina “Nietoleruje-Bije”

Other than the great music I was very impressed with the lyrics written and sang in Polish (by Adam Adamczyk). It definitely had an influence on my way of writing and composition.

Kuba Kamiński (bass / vocals)

Unsane “Visqueen”

Favourite Track: “Last Man Standing”

A very organic and powerful piece which gives the impression of genuine honesty in what they are doing. On the one hand, you can feel the noise and aggression, on the other hand they express feelings of grief and sorrow. They always confirm what they stand for in their live performances.

Nails “Abandon All Life”

Favourite Track: “No Surrender”
The two main elements are aggression and neck braking rhythm. Uncompromising shifts from punk, metal and hardcore music defined by their dirty sound. Extremity and tension, it only awoke my appetite for more of their music!

Sumac “The Deal”

Favourite Track: “Blight’s End Angel”

Everything on this album speaks to me. The moving and broken guitar riffs played with a heavy hand, perfect drums, the tone of noise and space left for improvisation. Sounds and ambients. The perfect balance between well considered and emotional music.

Andrzej Postek (drums):

Converge “All We Love We Leave Behind”

All albums produced by Kurt Balou are great compositions, also it’s top-notch when it comes to the quality sound itself. I often come back to this album, which I guess means that it is important to me.

Amon Tobin “Foley Room”

His strange unorthodox structure of tracks, great sound, openness, brave movements , and crossing musical boundaries. It’s definitely in a different style to our music, but there are qualities which inspire us a lot.

Moderat “II”

The melody and trance are consistent with their live performances. Except for heavy guitar riffs, one could probably find elements close to our music.
Yet again, it’s another album that I often come back to, which definitely affects the way I listen to it.


Cult of Luna “Vertikal”

There was a time that this album was very inspirational for all three of us. The groove and atmosphere still has an impact on us. It’s a great album that we all like to this day. Period.

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