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Punk noise rockers STRANGELIGHT tackle “more universal feeling than love” with new song & video “Lead Blanket”

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“Lead Blanket”, the new single from Oakland, California based garage noise rock infused punk rock band STRANGELIGHT is a straight up punk rock banger about not wanting to work. Today, we’re giving you the first airing of the Josh Robertson directed video, along with the band commentary below!

“I don’t know why there aren’t more songs about not wanting to work.” – comments the band’s vocalist and guitarist Nat Coghlan. “It seems like a more universal feeling than love if you ask me. I don’t have any great insights, but I can tell you no one is going to work their way into wealth. It’s a rigged game, and it’s not even one that is fun to play. This feeling really percolated for me in the midst of the pandemic which is when these songs were written. Wasting your time on a bunch of makework assignments while the apocalypse buffered felt like, well, a lead blanket.”

Contrasting with all that, the band admits that the song was a blast to record and is super fun to play. “For The World Needs Laughter EP, I ended up using a different guitar for each song and Lead Blanket became the “Jaguar song”.” – continues Nat. “I don’t think I would ever play a Jaguar as a main guitar, but it was perfect for the song. There’s a few times where it almost sounds like an out of tune piano, which was a happy accident. As per usual I’m doing the least and Julia, Ian, and Tony make the song what it is. We were also lucky to have Darius Koski play violin and viola at the end song. You get a little teaser of it in the video, but can hear it in all its droning goodness on the record.”

Strangelight by Josh Robertson
Strangelight by Scott Evans

The first single from the EP is called “Headache Aesthetic” and brings in more aggressive, driving energy that propels us forward through the short, yet very engaging and multi-layered recording.

The World Needs Laughter by STRANGELIGHT is out December 10th. The EP was recorded by Scott Evans at Sharkbite Studios, mixed by Scott Evans at Antisleep, and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East. Art by Tony Teixeira. Layout by Josh Staples.

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