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45 Straight Edge Bangers with MODERN GUILT: A Playlist for Change

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Our recent guests, MODERN GUILT is throwing down a hardcore manifesto with their epic “45 Straight Edge Bangers” compilation. This pllaylist is a curated battle cry, resonating from the pulsing heart of Gothenburg, Sweden, right into the earbuds of the global straight edge community. It’s both a nod to their influences and a statement of purpose, emphasizing straight edge as a force for empowerment and societal change.

Why 45 tracks, you ask? “It was supposed to be a top 20 playlist, but it was way too limiting! So, instead, we ended up with ’45 Straight Edge bangers,'” explains bassist Thomas Lundin with a grin.

The number might seem extensive, but each track is a vital piece of this sonic mosaic, carefully chosen to reflect the ethos and energy that drive the band.

The playlist itself is a vibrant mix of old-school anthems and contemporary hardcore jams, each song pulsating with the urgency of a movement that refuses to fade into the background. From the anthemic charges of MINOR THREAT to the melodic hardcore of YOUTH OF TODAY, and not forgetting the modern twists brought by SUBJECT TO CHANGE and DIVISION OF LAURA LEE.


Peter Bader, the frontman of MODERN GUILT, shares, “Like in any movement, when taken to extremes, straight edge can become exclusionary and divisive.

This playlist, however, aims to celebrate the inclusive and transformative power of the scene, highlighting tracks that advocate for personal empowerment and communal resistance against societal pressures.

Check out the “45 Straight Edge Bangers” playlist curated by MODERN GUILT on Spotify.

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