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5 Bands Worth A Check – by melodic post-hardcore tinged rock quartet DESIGN FLAW

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Melodic post-hardcore tunged rock quartet DESIGN FLAW (think THRICE meets RUSSIAN CIRCLES) have recently unveiled their debut EP ‘Beasts of a Future Decay’, and today we’re pleased to give it a thorough listen, share some more details about their craft and give you the band’s special list of 5 bands worth diving into this year!

“Beasts of a Future Decay is a deeply personal reaction from four humans in flux — an artifact of the search for balance between calm and chaos, fantasy and reality, hope and fear” – Navid Marvi

‘Beasts of a Future Decay’ is the debut EP from Washington, DC‘s Design Flaw. The record is a heavy, but uniquely accessible collection; a dark and atmospheric arrangement of soaring guitars, layered vocals, driving drums and bass, and otherworldly screams.

“A spacious, hypnotic sound, that I have absolutely fallen in love with” – Alex Baker, Kerrang

The post-hardcore quartet garner inspiration from the genre-bending alternative icons of the 00’s and 10’s, with Deafheaven, Glassjaw and Deftones particularly prevalent in the East Coast outfit’s dexterous lexicon.

With their hypnotic grooves and imperious, cascading crescendos, Design Flaw‘s debut EP nods to the likes of Thrice, Russian Circles, offering an innate and intimate amalgam of post-rock, post-hardcore and blackgaze.

Design Flaw’s new EP, ‘Beasts of a Future Decay’ is out now.

Time Columns:

Time Columns are a progressive post-rock trio based out of Frederick, MD and they’re some of the best musicians we know. They’re also long-time homies of ours. We’ve all played shows with them in previous projects and they put on a great live set. Kenny recorded and mixed our EP, Beasts of a Future Decay, at his studio, Mystery Ton Studios, and Jordan produced and directed our music video for “Ghost.” But even if we didn’t know them, we’d still love their music. We can’t wait for their next record.

Burial Waves

Burial Waves is a DC/Baltimore band featuring members of Black Clouds, Pianos Become the Teeth, Caverns, and The Effects. We are homies with a couple of the members and love everything they’ve done together over the years. Pianos Become the Teeth and Black Clouds were big influences for us early on and Burial Waves is somehow a new and perfect combination of all our favorite parts from their previous bands. Their 2021 debut EP, Holy Ground, was one of our favorites and the instrumentation paired with engaging arrangements, and beautiful yet urgent vocal parts was truly inspirational. Love this band and they’re great people.


Copse are a newer band out of Bristol in the UK. We don’t know them personally, but damn do we love their music. They’re post-black metal and their 2022 EP, Mara | Mondrem, is incredible. It feels like a refreshing take on the black metal we know and love, and it hits in all the right places. Really excited to hear more from them and who knows, maybe we’ll catch them in the UK sometime.

The Escape Artist: The Escape Artist is a local post-dreamgaze band based out of Washington, DC.. If you ever want to put on a record and go on a fuzzed out journey through the Milky Way, this is your band. They make amazing music and deserve a lot more attention. Beautiful tones, and each song is a journey through time that’ll make you forget where you started. We’re homies with them too, which is cool.

Color Palette: Another fantastic DC band, Color Palette writes music that masterfully blends elements of pop, anthemic indie, and shoegaze. Their songs are beautiful and catchy — you’ll hum them for hours after listening. It’s not uncommon to hear their live audiences sing along

with every word! Color Palette’s principal songwriter, Jay Nemeyer, is prolific and generous, often lending production, vocals, and/or guitars to local artists (whom he also champions). We’re lucky to call him a friend!

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