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5 Reasons Why Music Is the Purest Form of Communication

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Written by Skip Mason

Music has a power that is immeasurable to the listener, an open window to one’s soul. Despite culture, race, or background, every human loves some sort of music. Heck, even cows, sheep, and other animals will occasionally jam to a nicely played sax or jazz instrument.

We often cannot understand the way others express themselves, especially through the written word or speech. These communication barriers are imposed on people by culture or background. The need for a common written and spoken language has led to the adoption of languages such as English and French as mediums for mass communication. But even with the adoption of such common languages, there is still a breakdown of communication between the empathetical parts of the human psyche. Much like teachers encourage students to use sign language to better communicate with those less able, music is also a bridge for metaphysical human connections.

Forget the Mouth, Our Heart Speaks Through Music

It would be quite difficult to read the depth of someone’s thoughts, say a friend, if they had headphones on with a poker face to match. Likewise, it would be nearly impossible to read their thoughts beyond the allowance of their body language. However, if that friend were listening to a certain kind of music on a loudspeaker, then it would be possible to discern their inner thoughts based on the type, tempo, and mood of the music they’re listening to.

Someone puts on sad love songs or breakup music, and even without asking, it would be possible to tell what they were going through. Up-tempo music such as EDM and House blasting off a loudspeaker would signal a partying mood, while similar kinds of music playing on low bass or volume would be a signal that the person was studying or meditating.

This indescribable ability to communicate through the music we listen to might be thought of as the speech of the heart. You can put yourself in the frame of mind of an artist and feel their emotions simply by the words they speak on a track and the melody. It can make you shed tears, laugh, dance, feel euphoric, upbeat, or sad without talking to the artist or getting their opinions and thoughts.

Music achieves what spoken or written languages can’t. Nothing is purer and more magical than communicating with and understanding someone without speech and words.

Here, then, are 5 reasons why music is the purest form of communication.

1. It Connects People Regardless of Their Race, Backgrounds, or Location

Real passion is when you find a club in Arkansas playing Reggae and Roots or a pub in Tokyo bumping jazz tunes. The music itself is that invisible thread that connects all of us. In West and East Africa, Afro-fusion music sounds akin to Reggae and Calypso in the Caribbean to the keen ear. Likewise, country music sounds much like RnB, with some additional instrumentation.

HipHop, which is a quite versatile genre of music, can blend well with any other genre. Cross-collaboration between artists from different musical backgrounds and even geographical locations are the norm in 2021. Music festivals such as Tomorrowland and Glastonbury draw audiences from all over the globe. Simply put, nothing can connect a diverse spectrum of people like music.

2. It Is the Soundtrack to Our Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions

You can easily tell a person’s mood and their situation just by the music they are listening to. You can even tell a personality type just by the type of music they regularly listen to. This ‘soundtrack’ to our thoughts is much similar to the score in films and TV programs that is designed to accentuate the mood or feel of the program.

3. Music Has the Ability to Heal and Unite

Powerful songs have been released that have brought millions of people together. Marketers and multinational brands leverage this power of music on their advertising or promo campaigns, for example, during the Superbowl half-time show. Music, much like time, has that innate power to soothe the soul and heal it.

4. Music Doesn’t Need Explanation

Music doesn’t need a ‘Wiktionary’ although that helps sometimes. For example, songs such as ‘Despacito’ by Daddy Yankee and “Gangnam Style” by Korean artist Psy have garnered billions of views worldwide, even though they are sung in a non-unified language. Even if the words aren’t clear, the music, in most cases, speaks for itself.

5. Musical Poetry Is the Most Succinct and Simplest Form of Expression

Music is a mash of poetry and melody. Poetry is concise, and this is a key building block of music. Artists can tell their entire life story with just a single song. Expression through music is short, simple, and sweet.

We Might Not Be Artists, But Everyone Loves Music at Heart

Going through a rough patch or a depression? Put on some music that soothes your soul. Want to get pumped up for an exam or your morning run? Fast tempo music might just do the trick for you.

The power of music is a power inherent in each person and available to all. It is time to harness it for the good of all humankind.

Skip Mason is a leading brand analyst and a premium copywriter at He loves to share his passion for writing and research with struggling students all over the world.

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