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Legendary Bands: Nobody Believed They Would Be Successful

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Many musicians and bands are considered true legends and worldwide idols. However, the stage of the ascent of most famous musicians to the musical Olympus was by no means like a walk in the park. There were many examples when labels and producers did not see the point in wasting time on bands, but in the end, they regretted the missed opportunity. So here are the legendary bands that have become world-famous against all obstacles.

The Beatles

This internationally renowned band has become the benchmark for rock and roll music and has inspired millions of people worldwide. However, the Liverpool four had to overcome many obstacles before they gained worldwide popularity. First of all, the musicians could not collect money for good guitars and musical equipment for a very long time. In addition, their original genre of music was too monotonous, and the names changed a couple of times a month.

However, the group could still find a manager and declare themselves first in Britain and then around the world. Most likely, if John Lennon had access to international relations essay examples, he would devote more time to music and achieve success faster.


This legendary metal band was formed when the main members were in their teens. Initially, the musicians rehearsed in the garage and did not even have money for beer. However, after several years of unsuccessful attempts to make itself known, Metallica began performing at festivals and local concerts in the United States. Initially, the musicians lived in Los Angeles, but it was difficult to gain popularity due to the prevalence of glam metal.

That is why they decided to take the risk and went to New York. As it turned out, it was a fateful decision that helped the band find a studio to record their first album. Nowadays, it’s a little easier for musicians to become famous because of YouTube and the Internet in general. All the student needs is a free paper to nursing school to get more time to write great songs.


The main line-up of the group was formed in high school. However, the musicians could not come up with a name for a long time and started writing songs. Moreover, the constant change of drummers has become a serious problem for recording songs and live concerts. However, the group managed to gain popularity after the release of the first album in 1989. It is worth noting that guitarist Jason Everman found the money for the recording in the studio. If not for him, the group might not have become popular in the United States and worldwide.

The Rolling Stones

Initially, this British rock group experienced problems with funding, choosing a name, and constant layoffs of musicians. The problem was that the band’s creators were in constant search of the best genre. Because of this, many musicians did not want to waste their time on creative searches. However, in 1963, The Rolling Stones were still able to decide on the style of music and line-up finally. A month after the release of their first album, this musical group has become very popular in Britain and abroad.


This group also went through a rather thorny path before recording their first album and gaining popularity in 1994. The fact is that in the early 90s, grunge was popular in the United States and Britain. This is why it was more difficult for metal bands to find funding and producers. However, the band members were lucky as their performance in one of the nightclubs was noticed by Paul Pontius, a music producer.

After the performance, he contacted the group and offered his services. It was from this moment that the new history of the Korn band began. Even today, these musicians play great and create amazing songs. You can buy a ticket and attend one of the upcoming Korn concerts. By the way, if you are a student, then you can find thesis writing assistance so that nothing distracts you from enjoying the band’s live performance.

Black Sabbath

This legendary heavy metal band took a long time to become popular. It took the musicians more than three years to choose their original style, name and fix the problems with the recording. In 1968, the conditions in the studios were by no means as ideal as in the modern world. In addition, the musicians experienced financial difficulties and were forced to earn money to record tracks. Finally, however, thanks to a lucky coincidence, Black Sabbath could get a good contract and started their first tour. As a result, already in 1971, these guys were very popular in Great Britain.

Final Words

As you can see, many world stars were forced to start their careers in garages and basements, recording songs without professional equipment. However, a happy coincidence, perseverance, and belief in a positive ending helped these groups gain worldwide popularity. This proves once again the fact that persistence can bring the desired result.

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