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51 shows in 50 states – WALDEN documents a unique touring experience with beautiful new music video “The Moment”

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“The Moment” music video was shot on Walden’s 50 State tour in the fall of 2021, where indie alt rock band WALDEN played 1 show in every single state, starting with only $50 in their pocket. Strictly using money they made on the road through ticket sales, merch sales, and donations to fund their way across America, Walden accomplished their goal in 90 days across 26,176 miles. This video encapsulates footage from the infamous “Where’s Walden Tour”. Watch the video above and be sure to check out our special feature with the band’s top songs that inspire to embark on a tour.

“We owe some massive THANK YOU’S to the people who helped make this happen”, comments the band.

“First, our videographer Sam Goldin who willingly embarked on this crazy adventure with us, capturing this incredible footage along the way. Thank you for directing, shooting, and helping edit this music video.

Our manager Matt Ladis who also joined us on this 90 day road trip, who was critical in booking, routing, and managing, etc. We could not have done this without you.”

Walden band

“Huge thanks to Jamie Foundoulis for editing this monster of a video and taking it to the finish line. It’s a true work of art.

Lastly, to our fans, friends, and family across the nation who were instrumental in helping us accomplish this dream. We are nothing without your love and support, and this tour could not have been feasible without you all. Thank you Waldonians for giving us 4 guys the opportunity of a lifetime.

So much love, Andrew, Eric, Jamie, and Richard”

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